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I'm not supposed to love you by Alexthebug
I'm not supposed to love youby Alexthebug
Even though he was scared to admit it, Texas was scared of his soulmate mark. He was scared of who's would match. He was scared it would be someone he is not supposed to...
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gained A Boyfriend) by Sevenc94
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Sevenc94
Fic about California and Texas from Ben Brainard's welcome to the Statehouse series. Just a little ship fic. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Welcome to the Chaos by houseofsecret
Welcome to the Chaosby Evie 💖
Just some thoughts and drabbles about the Welcome to the Table Characters. May spin out into a larger story but for now it's about Florida getting an adorable swamp kitt...
Obsessive? by TheCommunistRat
Obsessive?by señior
Based on ben_brainards series 'Welcome to the Statehouse'😼 I'm probably only gonna do one chapter
Enigmatic Circumstances by Chaos-Clover-Cat
Enigmatic Circumstancesby Chaos
When one falls, they can only hope that they don't fall far. That way they can remain unscathed and climb back up. However, falling for someone you want to hate can be s...
The States X Reader One Shots & Imagines  by Lisha_Lemons
The States X Reader One Shots & Lisha Lemonz
the states/the table x Reader. Smut, Angst, fluff allowed Ben please don't read these!! 😆
Statehouse/statehumans incorrect quotes/headcanons/ or whatever else I feel like by ImWeridOk
Statehouse/statehumans incorrect Hmmmmm-
.-. Hai? Idk wut to put here
One-Shots of the states. by BullseyeAtlas
One-Shots of the MarvelAce
This series of one shots is inspired by Ben Brainards series: Welcome to the Table. If you haven't watched those, you can find them on YouTube! There will be AUs and I...
Romeo and Juliet but States by guessimdemons92
Romeo and Juliet but Statesby guessimdemons
It's a parody of Romeo and Juliet acted out by the states Yeah I'm sorry in advance
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Oneshots and Headcanons by CreativityPhoenix
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Creativity Unrestrained
A place for me to put my shorter oneshots that I can't justify as standalone pieces and my headcanons for the different states. Goes into the shenanigans of the Statehou...
Finally Fluff! by guessimdemons92
Finally Fluff!by guessimdemons
Or where I don't torture DC (most of the time)
Statehouse stuff again :) by ImWeridOk
Statehouse stuff again :)by Hmmmmm-
Lil' Note here I don't wish to offend anyone. And if you want to check out me other books. I ain't ya mom tho so you don't have to-
the table one shots  by yoonmin-is-life04
the table one shots by Givemesleep
This mainly started because I wanted more texacali so I have one story line so if you have any comment below and I'll do them. I'll also do any ship.
Daydream Believer by guessimdemons92
Daydream Believerby guessimdemons
A small continuation of 'Is It Love?' aka what California was doing that morning with DC
Panic! At the Cute Government Official by guessimdemons92
Panic! At the Cute Government guessimdemons
......... Look that's what you're getting for a title, I just woke up
Eating Shouldn't Be Hard by guessimdemons92
Eating Shouldn't Be Hardby guessimdemons
Or....DC sometimes forgets basic body functions when he's working
DC Headcanons??? MAYBE? by guessimdemons92
DC Headcanons??? MAYBE?by guessimdemons
Or alternatively someone tell me to stop using Tik Tok
i taKE REQUEST! (Statehouse/WTTT edition) by whyisitnutmegger
i taKE REQUEST! (Statehouse/WTTT whyisitnutmegger
You name it I'll do it. Any trope, ship, angst or fluff, you request it I do it! Be as specific or non-specific as you want. Also, Ben if you see this, hi. You are proba...