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Unwonted (Niall Horan) by BelWatson
Unwonted (Niall Horan)by Bel Watson
{bonus book} - She turned me down several times. She told me she was done with guys. She avoided me. But I knew better, I knew she was the kind who runs into your life o...
Best Niall FanFics by 93niallslays
Best Niall FanFicsby Karolina
note that: this is my personal oppinion, you don't have to love these books as much as i love them. i created this book because i've read a LOT of niall's fan fictions a...
Dear bully by jaydenissacool
Dear bullyby jaydenissacool
"Dear bully, today you punched me So I punched you back now it's even"
The Backfire [COMPLETED] by Rieghts
The Backfire [COMPLETED]by RiRi Kulas
Si Irene Flagorio ay isang babaeng mataas ang pangarap sa buhay dahil sa kahirapan na naranasan niya. Highschool lamang ang natapos nito kaya dobleng kayod siya para mer...
One Shots (One Direction) by BelWatson
One Shots (One Direction)by Bel Watson
Collection of one shots about One Direction.
The New Kid by Lailoniec
The New Kidby Lailoniec
A kid moves to a new school and doesn't know anybody, But soon she gets a friend and a Boyfriend, Her life gets better and better in tell everything goes away. The older...
Nicki the Virgin by profanitismitis
Nicki the Virginby Passion🏳️‍🌈
Spin off of Jane the Virgin except I kinda twisted a few things around. So, if you haven't watched the show, go do that first so that way you could find some hints that...
When Cupid's Arrow Backfired by Mystblair
When Cupid's Arrow Backfiredby Broke_Fangirl
Not all bad boys ends up falling for the new girl in school. Because sometimes, those who play Cupid ends up getting shot with their own arrow.
Platonic Love(COMPLETED! HAS JUST ONE PART) by MysteriousImaginator
Platonic Love(COMPLETED! HAS Mystery2001
A short story about a toxic marriage and a failed advice!
I Can't believe you've done this by Peter1411
I Can't believe you've done thisby Peter Parkour
The war was lasting ages and everyone wanted it to end. Everything was being taken way too far and men were being lost everyday. So of coarse they bring in the expert, t...
I Forgot  suga x reader [ one shot ] by infires_infiresmanye
I Forgot suga x reader [ one ___LiKe maTE___
you meet a random guy on Instagram and you became great friends and you end up flirting with each other...... what will happen? next
Watch Your Steps You Might Fall.....For Me!! by PurpleBanshee31
Watch Your Steps You Might PurpleBanshee31
After breaking up with her current PLAYBOY boyfriend,Charmaine promised to herself not to fall inlove again.Then she met the dashing multi-millionare,Flame Eros Fuentabe...
Cupid's Mistake by sweetangel_23
Cupid's Mistakeby CJ
Determined to help her twin get the guy that she wants Rainie tries everything to help her sister get noticed too bad she commits one little mistake.......
Backfire (Niall Horan)- prevod by watt_prevodi
Backfire (Niall Horan)- prevodby wattpad_prevodi
❝Jednom davno... Čekaj, da li me zajebavaš? Ova priča ne počinje ovako. Naprotiv! Ovo je priča o devojci koja je mislila da je završila sa muškarcima ali, naravno, reči...
11:11 by bobbilouise
11:11by Bobbi
At 11:11 Willow and her friends all made wishes but when their wishes backfire they try their hardest to get everything back to normal, but can they fix everything? Or w...
Dared With Consequences by snowfire332
Dared With Consequencesby snowfire332
Spencer Hawking's the type of girl who'll fight for what is right, utterly loyal to her friends and family and has one of those sad back stories you probably shouldn't s...
Backfire by itstheenglishkid
Backfireby itstheenglishkid
A simple job goes awry.