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Tidal Wave (Arrowverse & Avalance) by Ellagjos
Tidal Wave (Arrowverse & Avalance)by
14 year old, Alexis(Lexi) al Ghul, grew up experimented on, tortured, and training as an assassin. She was trained by, whom she thought was her father, Ra's al Ghul. He...
Outcasts /Sara Lance/ by BaileyScott1
Outcasts /Sara Lance/by Bailey
Eleanor Allen has been an outcast her whole life. One night, Rip Hunter brings her together with other outcasts. That night, Eleanor gains a new family. Eleanor gains a...
Legends of Tomorrow Preferences and imagines (book 2) by raysdemonhunter
Legends of Tomorrow Preferences an...by el
Preferences and imagines for; *Raymond Palmer *Rip Hunter *Leonard Snart *Sara Lance *Mick Rory *Jefferson Jackson *Nathaniel Heywood *Zari Tomaz *John Constantine ...
My Little Legend  by KLegendsM15
My Little Legend by KLegendsM15
Sara has trained Emily before she could even walk to be strong. Sara trained her daughter and taught her everything she knows. When both Ava and Sara are ready to send t...
You Are My Home (Avalance fanfic) by TheNetflixGal
You Are My Home (Avalance fanfic)by Line
This is an #Avalance fan fiction that takes place after the season 3 finale. Ava and Sara are together in the beginning and the rest of the fan fiction is about some mis...
Brooklyn Archer //Book Three// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Three// - L...by MCWAYY
Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow **I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only my character Brooklyn**
Legends Of Tomorrow Memes by KendraNullings
Legends Of Tomorrow Memesby KendraNullings
A collection of fine memes of everyone's favorite space-time screw-ups!
The Ruins of Love and Chaos (AvaLance) by bisexylegend
The Ruins of Love and Chaos (AvaLa...by Yen
It took her a second to decide to drop everything and fly back to Star City after receiving a phone call from the hospital. "Ava, Sara's been shot" A Legend...
Legends Of Tomorrow Imagines by ProbablyPanickingNow
Legends Of Tomorrow Imaginesby Let Me Sleep Please
Literally because I can Only the girls: •Amaya •Ava •Sara •Zari
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Legends of Tomorrow by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Le...by MCWAYY
Brooklyn is back for season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow **I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only my character**
Mrs. and Mrs. Lance (AvaLance) by bisexylegend
Mrs. and Mrs. Lance (AvaLance)by Yen
Three years after Sara and Ava fell deeply in love with each other, the time-saving power couple finally ties the knot. A series of one-shots of the domestic life of Av...
But I can't help falling in love with you // Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe by Pumpkin_Spice290
But I can't help falling in love w...by Pumpkin🎃🎃
Sara Lance is the Lieutenant General of the Military and Ava Sharpe is the Director of the F.B.I and they just happened to fall in love. ( I dont know anything about the...
Legends of Tomorrow Imagines by EchoWriting02
Legends of Tomorrow Imaginesby Echo
Hello anyone reading this. This is my first book I've ever done so I decided to do it on my favorite show. I will try and write an imagine for each character and I'm up...
AvaLance one shots by Kyliekrazy1428
AvaLance one shotsby bubblykyliee
A bunch of AvaLance one shots. (Not related)
"Should I?" by amithegamer1
"Should I?"by amithegamer 1
This is an story about Sara feeling about Ava, I making an AU story line, and how Sara is crying because of what happen with Ava I hope you guys enjoy this
A new life for now on- Avalance by Vale_lance-sharpe
A new life for now on- Avalanceby Vale_lance-sharpe
Sara lance captain of the wavedriver and her deepest secret is ready to come out, what is the secret she has been hiding for almost 14 years, how this secret will change...
Avalance Oneshots by AvaLanceForever
Avalance Oneshotsby LeagueOfShadows
Oneshots of Ava and Sara throughout their relationship. Enjoy!!
Avalance one shots❗️ by queenknowsbest
Avalance one shots❗️by queenknowsbest
U already read the title ❗️💀
AvaLance OneShots by DreamingImmortals
AvaLance OneShotsby DreamingImmortals
a lot of smut don't mind me