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The Parker family || Spider-Man AU by TheCunningSnake
The Parker family || Spider-Man AUby TheCunningSnake
[ON HOLD] The alternate universe where the three versions of Spider-Man are one happy family. Three brothers, Andrew, Tobey and Peter live with their Aunt May. Andrew...
Overgrown-an Irondad and Spideyson fanfic by im_thesunflower
Overgrown-an Irondad and im_thesunflower
!!not completed!! When Aunt May dies from stage four cancer, Peter Parker finds that he has no one else to turn to other then his mentor, Tony Stark, quickly turned fath...
Survival Of The Fittest(Spiderman fanfic) by sunflowerlissa
Survival Of The Fittest( lissa
"Please I-I dont want to" "You have to" Peter slowly raises the gun with tears in his eyes and a shaky arm and whispers "I'm Sorry" Peter h...
Captain Dad Sir?! by Patton-The-Protector
Captain Dad Sir?!by Elliot
A Wrong Number fic Steve puts the wrong number in while trying to text Tony and accidentally texts someone called 'Bambi' Soon, Bucky, MJ, Ned, Nat, and more join! All i...
Always Silent, Peter Darling by LlibLo
Always Silent, Peter Darlingby LlibLo
After a traumatic experience at age 6, Peter Parker hasn't spoken a word. Most blame it on the fact that he witnessed his Uncle die in a horrible fire, this is only part...
Why do you care? Wrong Number Fanfiction  by Linkinlord45673
Why do you care? Wrong Number Gothefucktosleep
Peter has always had bad luck. So much of it, in fact, that he even named it. School is hell for him, home isn't much better. He is always grateful for his friends and A...
"How'd you get this number?" Peter Parker by Marvelous-marvelsss
"How'd you get this number?" Marvelous-marvelsss
It's a wrong number AU inspired by BlackShadow030930 (All characters are from Marvel) Peter wants to talk to Ned about their project, but Ned gave him the wrong number b...
Unexpected Ally by herehavesomefanfic
Unexpected Allyby Ray
"Hey, we are ordering takeout, what do you want?" Peter smirked under his mask. "Aww, that's sweet! I'll have a number three, should I pick it up or are...
Suck It Up (Peter Parker/Irondad) by Buck_is_Stuck
Suck It Up (Peter Parker/Irondad)by Bucky’s Plums
After losing his parents at a young age, he is taken into his abusive aunt's household where he is blamed for his uncle's and parents' passing. Not to mention his school...
The father I thought I never have,and the kid I'll always Love. by 9a67845b
The father I thought I never The Imaginative one
It took a lot of convincing but Peter finally decided to take a break from Spider manning(Mostly because he was going on a trip with Aunt May) So it's to Tony's surprise...
"Wrong Number, Kid" by Cliche_Chocolate
"Wrong Number, Kid"by Coffee/Pika~
This book may seem long but it's only because there's a lot of mini chapters. Enjoy~! Peter Parker, for the most part, is your average teenager. He had his own daily rou...
Peter Parker x reader by Supermaxywaxy
Peter Parker x readerby Cheshire Cat
This is a Peter Parker/ spiderman x reader. The reader is an orphan and has the power to make portals. (Disclaimer: I don't own Spider-man or y/n. I only own the plot, t...
Spider-Man: The only male hero by Blazing47
Spider-Man: The only male heroby Kazza2802
Everyone isn't born equal, i'm born in a world where woman make 80% of the population and they have powers known as quirks. Males are used for breeding and are harassed...
Parley Oneshots by local-bi-slytherin
Parley Oneshotsby hello <3
Just some oneshots of Peter Parker x Harley Keener Requests open! *Cover art does not belong to me **All character rights belong to Marvel Studios and Disney ***Mild lan...
What'chaGonnaDo (Abandoned) by Lezzly__
What'chaGonnaDo (Abandoned)by ||Lez//
One-shots of IronDad and SpiderSon because I want to. If you've come here from seeing my comments on other books or just found this book in your recommendeduh,
Here to Help by joyfulsoulcollector
Here to Helpby Marko
Tony Stark finds his intern Peter Parker starving and exhausted in the alleyway by Stark Tower and takes him in, soon learning that things weren't as safe at home as the...
Ill Dry Your Tears  by tonyandpete
Ill Dry Your Tears by tonyandpete
Aunt May died while Peter was in school, taking away the last person on his family tree. Peter doesn't want to go into the system, he feels like he's being forced to. S...
The Rise And Fall Of A Spider by Spidersoning
The Rise And Fall Of A Spiderby M
Peter is Tony's new personal intern, and him and the avengers start to grow a close bond to him. The avengers are told to bring Spiderman in no matter what. Peter's li...
How'd You Get This Number? by my_favorite_natasha
How'd You Get This Number?by hola, soy dora
15-year-old Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man (but no one knows that yet), finally tries to tell MJ he likes her, but it goes wrong when he realizes that he was given the wro...
Peter Parker Oneshots by Shadowheart34
Peter Parker Oneshotsby Shadowheart34
This is a collection of one-shots and short stories about Peter Parker. There will be Irondad and Spiderson, Mama and Baby Spider, possibly Peter Lokison, and other rela...