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Jungle by mybabydrew
Jungleby mybabydrew
They don't know what to call their relationship, if it even is a relationship. They get together for the work video, and whatever it is rekindles.
It's Funny How Things Turn Out (Rihanna,Drake) by centrill-asia
It's Funny How Things Turn Out ( centrill-asia
Robyn’s 23. She's got a career she loves, close family & friends, and a little girl she adores more than anything. She doesn't need anything more, but sometimes she sure...
Betrayed (AN AUBRIH/DRICKI STORY | COMPLETED) by champaagneemami
Betrayed (AN AUBRIH/DRICKI STORY | champaagneemami 🤍
Onika Tanya Maraj has a very special and happy life. She is a famous rapper who goes by the name of Nicki. She has a bestfriend that she's known for years, Robyn Rihanna...
Guilty Pleasure by kinkyGraham
Guilty Pleasureby kinkyGraham
A collection of fictional stories centered around the intimate relationship between Robyn and Aubrey.
Don't Wanna Fall [Aubrih AU]   by aubriihs
Don't Wanna Fall [Aubrih AU] by aubriihs
Robyn has gone through a lot of trauma in her life. That includes the traumatizing experience she's had with her ex, Chris. She promises herself she'll never love again...
Found My Love (AN AUBRIH STORY | COMPLETED) by champaagneemami
Found My Love (AN AUBRIH STORY | champaagneemami 🤍
Robyn ( Rihanna ) realizes after her breakup with Chris Brown, her lover and caregiver is her best friend Aubrey ( Drake ) *NOTE: this was my first story ever, don't ma...
LoveGame by Robzisforeva
LoveGameby Robzisforeva
I was going throught one of the worst years of my life my boyfriend was hurting me...I thought it'd never be better....until I met HIM "My story is definetly gonna...
OLD FLAMES by AubrihAdventures
OLD FLAMESby IG: @GhettoCoconut
After running from anything that resembled love from a man for far too long, Robyn Rihanna Fenty finds herself not only falling in love with her old flame Aubrey Drake G...
The One and Only by bampops
The One and Onlyby bampops
An Aubrih Fanfiction.
Love Is Blind by ForeverAubrih
Love Is Blindby XoJahira
2 Celebrities in Love with one another
♡ Roommates ♡ (Aubrih Story) by aubrihbaes
♡ Roommates ♡ (Aubrih Story)by aubrihbaes
A fanfiction romance story about 21 years old Robyn Rihanna Fenty who decided to live in a dorm to complete her last year of university. What do you think will happen we...
If Only (Aubrih Short Story) by -stardusts
If Only (Aubrih Short Story)by s
Robyn decides to break things off with Hassan and get back with her ex, but when she arrives at his condo, she receives an unexpected surprise. And it's not a very good...
AubRIH Documentary  by sharonkhelz
AubRIH Documentary by sharonkhelz
A real life documentary about the love story that is AubRIH
Artificial by elixirs
Artificialby K.
A story following Rihanna's life after her late boyfriend, Aubrey Drake Graham, passes away and is replaced with an Artificial Intelligence Robot designed just like him...
My First by mamalovesbooks
My Firstby Bad bitch
Robyn is a freshman in highschool who is just starting to find herself with her close friend Aubrey who isn't the coolest boy at Jefferson highschool either but they exp...
Aubrih True Love Forever by Marshanna397
Aubrih True Love Foreverby Shannon R
Drake and rihanna have been linked many times in the past and later in the story they date for proper no flings and then eventually get married and have kids but
aubrih by KairaBakker
aubrihby Kaira Bakker
drake loves rihanna with all his heart but does she feel the same