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Attitude  by throwaway345697
Attitude by Tessa0447
A girl with a bad attitude meets mafia man. (This story is over but I am updating with new chapters every once in a while)
Attitude. (MxM) by Catsdobepink
Attitude. (MxM)by Lil bear❤️🧸
When you're 18 you get told your 'Classification', it can be different things. Littles, caregivers, dom, sub, mistress, pet, master etc. Then you meet your 'match'. Mean...
The Exiled Alpha | ✓ by Silverless
The Exiled Alpha | ✓by Silverless
"It's like he's a different breed of werewolf. Something... beyond us." • • • Adrienne Gage has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her mouthy...
Mrs. Thug(on Hold) by girl_datz_Armani
Mrs. Thug(on Hold)by Armaniiiiiii
just read you'll like it I swear😊
The Theif 2! A pups little side by Mzzjem
The Theif 2! A pups little sideby crimsonwolf
Seb, a now 19 year old pup. After a year of freedom, guilt and independence 3 certain Alphas return to bring Seb back home. After everything that's happend, Seb still re...
Coincidence  by privatoes
Coincidence by privatoes
Lex is a girl at University majoring in Business. She goes to school and her best friend said there's a new substitute teacher in their class and that he's hot. When she...
Everything is Only for You (Complete) by munsen12
Everything is Only for You ( Amrita Sen
Sana is a well known actress working in the Bollywood industry from a young age. She has everything, money and fame but no real family. She craves for love and attention...
🍁Hasi🍁 by Kia_fics
🍁Hasi🍁by Kia_Kiki
He married her when she was left behind on her own wedding. After being betrayed by the person she loved with all her being, Isha was left picking pieces of her personal...
No Retreat, No Surrender by BellaTheTwins
No Retreat, No Surrenderby Kambal
Capas Series #1: No Retreat, No Surrender Ramceschel Dwayne Torres, being an only child, was never competitive. She has everything. She is at the top of her class. Howe...
ONE IN A MILLION, walker scobell by blissfxllywitherxd_
ONE IN A MILLION, walker scobellby 𓂃 ࣪˖ ִֶָ𐀔 𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲 𐀔 ࣪˖𓂃
"I dont think love ever hit me this hard" IN WHICH- Kaitlyn Peters is on vacation, finally. Disneyland is everything shed dreamed. And apparently more. When th...
Manan: lust & love (18+)✔ by roumania
Manan: lust & love (18+)✔by roumania
A manan love story. This is a story that anyone can read without knowing about the show or characters . It is a standalone book where everything is penned according to m...
The String Of Love by fathimabanu8
The String Of Loveby Fathima syed faruk
Reyansh Raizada, A man of oath and self-made billionaire. Cold,rude and arrogant to the world but has a soft side for his family. CEO of Raizada enterprises. He has been...
I Still Want You (Pjm FF) by Mrswriterwomen
I Still Want You (Pjm FF)by devil
"Listen to me...i know what I did is wrong! But let me explain.." "Listen to you? Like how you let others to humiliate me infront of everyone? I was so fo...
Excuse me Mr. Kim || Jinkook  by Nonebutglory
Excuse me Mr. Kim || Jinkook by Moa
Seokjin is a business man who just think about his business. He is the CEO of SK corp. Love, marriage, relationship is nothing for him. He just do the thing which will b...
Her Love Vs His Hate by Shadesoflove__
Her Love Vs His Hateby ❤️
Sequence of ~ "Heartbroken by Her" ~ Don't touch me"Karan yelled jerking her hands away, looking at her with the range filled eyes. "I have every rig...
LOVE FROM MI HEART❤️ by Angelairzk
LOVE FROM MI HEART❤️by Angelairzk
Nice girl and two boys that she loves but who wil she choose?
Magical Teacher by Hashishans
Magical Teacherby Hashishans
Magulo, sobrang gulo. Maingay,Sobrang ingay. Makulit,Sobrang kulit. Pilyo,Sobrang pilyo. Bastos,Sobrang bastos. That's the right word you can compare to Grade 12, Secti...
Painful Love... It Hurts... by Nandhu_Writer
Painful Love... It Nandhu_Writer
An Arnav Khushi Fic - A story of bodyguard Arnav and a business tycoon Khushi Kumari Gupta.. How would love change them..? Would they get together putting past their pa...
My Billion Dollar Love by Mysticangel713
My Billion Dollar Loveby Mysticangel713
COMPLETED..!😃 HIGHEST RANK - #22 in Humor MY BILLION DOLLAR LOVE "Oh stop it. What do you want Kaden? You think I made a mistake to reject your proposal back then...
All Of Me Belongs To You by Nandhu_Writer
All Of Me Belongs To Youby Nandhu_Writer
An Arnav Khushi fanfic - There are so many sides of him... There are too many shades of him.. Will he be able to give his all to her..? Will she even accepts all of him...
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