PSYCHOTIC by exquisiteheart
"S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up. "W-w-why?" He replie...
  • psychotic
  • wattys2017
  • asylum
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfallby ✴ ash ✴
His eyes, akin to the clearest skies Tahlia had ever gazed upon, stared off into her keenly. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe me, huh?&qu...
  • criminal
  • serialkiller
  • murder
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Teacher's Pet 3 (A Story of Obsession) by Emilybug7
Teacher's Pet 3 (A Story of Emilybug7
Lauren Jauregui as Ivy Sanders Colin Ferrell as Coach Ryan Josh Hutcherson as Zane Sanders Maya Irene Wada as Ella Sanders 5 year's ago 17 year old Ivy Lewis was kidnapp...
  • kidnapped
  • violence
  • love
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Insanity 》Sykes by 5_Seconds_Of_Mikey
Insanity 》Sykesby Michael Clifford
"They say you're past help" He came forward then and grabbed the tops of my arms, pinning my back up against the wall. His face inches from mine, his eyes dark...
  • insanity
  • insane
  • sykes
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The Goth and His Psycho. by xshanellex
The Goth and His xshanellex
Alex Brady had been a normal kid when he'd fallen for Bree Treven. It was a cute little romance between two innocent children. But four years later, Bree is far from inn...
  • psycho
  • sexual
  • bree
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The Girl in the Asylum by ughimdead
The Girl in the Asylumby ughimdead
She had seen many things; she needed help. Her self harm was out of control. University Graduate, Rebecca wanted to help. Will she stay sane? Or will this push her off t...
  • paranormal
  • horror-thriller
  • horror
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The Flip Side by MisfortunateMC
The Flip Sideby Gummy Bear Ruler
A Septiplier Fanfiction When Mark, a teenager in college gets assigned a job to find a "Pen Pal" in a mental asylum, he finds it pointless until he meets som...
  • asylum
  • hospital
  • mark
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Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanfiction by its_an_AHS_thing
Not Insanity// Kit Walker It's Just Tori💘
"Please come with me, Opal, I cant leave you here!" Kit screamed down the tunnel. I shook my head. "Promise you'll come back for me." I said and a te...
  • kitwalker
  • ahs
  • americanhorrorstory
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Stupid Little Doctor (Mental Patient Hetalia x Reader) by -Kiwi_Kat-
Stupid Little Doctor (Mental -Kiwi_Kat-
They were scared- treated badly. You, were a doctor willing to help anyone and everyone. Yet, will their flaws scare you away. Or are you willing to stay and rot in your...
  • canada
  • yandere
  • italy
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Mad and In Love (Male!Alice X Reader) by Kimmie_the_writer
Mad and In Love (Male!Alice X Kimmie
"...Madness is a nuisance And no one is immune Your brother, son, or husband Could become a raving..."~ Emily Autumn WARNING: Rape explicitly mentioned
  • mad
  • asylum
  • alice
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The Asylum Walker [DISCONTINUED] by Demon_Lost_Soul
The Asylum Walker [DISCONTINUED]by Zane-chan
You, The Reader-chan, walks in an asylum where young teenagers like to hangout and have parties, you are named 'The Asylum Walker' for what you do in the asylum. Your pa...
  • asylum
  • slendy
  • reader
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Loving Him (Harley Quinn and The Joker) by NinaDaWeena
Loving Him (Harley Quinn and The Nina
Harleen Quinzel, the youngest psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, she had the perfect life; a boyfriend, a well paying job, and perfect small apartment. Then he came. The Jo...
  • robin
  • batman
  • heart
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ASYLUM. ☼ ethan dolan by kingmai
ASYLUM. ☼ ethan dolanby ; maisie
"He was so interesting. No matter how dangerous he was."
  • ethandolan
  • asylum
  • dolan
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psycho :: luke brooks by pokemikeyy
psycho :: luke brooksby sugarmommy
He lurks around at night. He watches through your window as you sleep. He's your worst nightmare, and it's coming to life. ©2014-2015 pokemikeyy All rights reserved.
  • thriller
  • brooks
  • creepy
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Psychotic | ✓ by liarsdiaries
Psychotic | ✓by nιc
#1 in Mystery/Thriller ( 05/17/17 ) "I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts..." "why?" "Because they're dangerous... and that makes me da...
  • psychotic
  • teenage
  • grunge
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Asylum [UsUk, GerIta] by thealphagay
Asylum [UsUk, GerIta]by ☆ alpha ☆
1963; Feliciano Vargas is the newest patient at Bitterwell Mental Asylum. One problem, there's nothing wrong with him. Trying to escape will be hard, trying to understan...
  • aphetalia
  • aph
  • frus
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Love In An Asylum by KatTheCat123
Love In An Asylumby K
Wtf is wrong with my brain... Takes place in an AU where Hajime, a deranged, suicidal, pretty much insane teen is stuck in an asylum. The psychiatrist who was suppose to...
  • nagito
  • asylum
  • suicidal
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Be brave for me SOLANGELO by skydreamer1
Be brave for me SOLANGELOby skydreamer1
In a town build from misery, starts the life of a mysterious dark haired boy. For almost six years he has survived the challenges of a difficult life when suddenly a ray...
  • kiss
  • asylum
  • nico
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Between Stripes by TheSlytherinTribute
Between Stripesby beee
When you put two twisted souls together, they tend to cling to each other. Arkham Asylum is the glue which helped create whatever Jerome Veleska and Georgia Fishwick wer...
  • crazy
  • jail
  • gotham
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