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Muslim Love Story (Under Major Editing)  by FatimaO111
Muslim Love Story (Under Major ﷽
Assalamu Alaykum. Peace be upon you. The journey that each of us embark on when looking for love is as unique as the prints at the tips of our fingers. The quest for lo...
Senja Yang Abadi by vnnezffraaranda
Senja Yang Abadiby vnnezffraaranda
Islami - Romansa - Spiritual • Berawal dari terpaksa menerima kenyataan bahwa dirinya akan dijodohkan, hanya karena itu merupakan permintaan almarhum ayahnya membuat ia...
Ask Magnus Chase and Friends by MessyTheAuthor
Ask Magnus Chase and Friendsby messy
Hi, I'm Magnus. My friends and I answer some questions for you guys. Have fun reading about us doing and saying things against our will. For those of you fangirls wond...
The Bond  (Hausa story) by _ilovetoread-
The Bond (Hausa story)by _ilovetoread-
{UNDER EDITING} Join the roller coaster ride of the bonded lives of Amir and Aisha (Iman) Amir. A carefree guy with a hidden past And Iman. A girl who wasn't prepared...
"The fate, that Allah chose for us" by meizi_mira
"The fate, that Allah chose for us"by meizi
"story of a non-muslim becoming the best version of himself after witnessing the greatest Allah's creations and becoming the best Muslim for one and only Allah"...
the poet by beefmilkshake
the poetby AAAARGH
where you stumble upon a man sitting by the river on your way back home. lowercase intended started: steptember 1st 2020 ended: july 10th 2021 [do not repost]
Obsessed? possessive? stalker? Probably your imagination Yandere theme high council boys
cinta. || amir ahnaf by jj13un
cinta. || amir ahnafby rain
"cinta ? i feel sick." amir laid down on her shoulder, playing with her fingers and slowly dozing off. "but amir.. i'm not your cinta anymore." she w...
YOU'RE MINE by RosLinda075
"Aku akan pastikan kau menjadi milik ku" -Abdul Kahar- "Kini keinginan mu tercapai sayang" -Tiara Imelda-
Friend Request (BxB) by fatoooomy
Friend Request (BxB)by Fatoom
What happens for Alec to send friend request to Amir? Let's find Out 😁🫶🏻
HARAM, project: high council by J0ANOFARC
HARAM, project: high councilby adi <3
"Biar rasa ini, Hanya sekadar engkau tahu; Aku ada bila perlu." abdul kahar x fem!oc
TTP Oneshots-ish? by Silenceisnice
TTP Oneshots-ish?by Im sleepy
Honestly this is just me writing fanfiction for a dead fandom. Some parts (maybe most) will be connected some wont. Most will be my head cannons but also actual cannon t...
The two princes podcast fan fiction by izukumidoriyaaaaaa
The two princes podcast fan fictionby .
CREDS TO: @/peachbunii on Instagram for cover art WARNING: this fan fiction contains spoilers for Season three of the two princes podcast and mild to moderate swearing...
It All Started With A Proposal by quruxley
It All Started With A Proposalby سمية
"I dare you," He said to me with determination in his eyes. "I dare you to accept my proposal. If you do then I will make you the happiest women on earth...
Golden Jasmine: The Ameer's concubine. by ASDadore
Golden Jasmine: The Ameer's Asmau Saidu
Islam spread around the Arabian peninsula and beyond. Many embraced the religion of Allah and the prophet as their messenger, uplifting the seen with their lives and ho...
A Bad Start - A Story By Farida by Ladyfaree
A Bad Start - A Story By Faridaby
'No, it can't be. It really is a joke, right?' Shazia asked under her breath, looking at the other women for confirmation. 'We are sorry Shazia'. Was all they could chor...
Hooky Stories by Ilove_hooty
Hooky Storiesby Non binary Hooty
i love them sm so I decided to write stories about them Some are one shots, some have more than one part so just be aware. I usually say if they have more than one parts...
Incorrect quotes of Hooky by Pheonyx0507
Incorrect quotes of Hookyby PheonyxInYourArea
So just to tell you, the book isn't by me. It's by Míriam Bonastre Tur. I'm just making short stories about them. I highly recommend reading the book first or else you m...
Ethernal Devotion by khadeejerhadam
Ethernal Devotionby khadeejerhadam
Aasma Kabir Ali. A gutsy fiesty,witty daddy's girl. She walks with an aura of confidence like a lion in the jungle, never letting anyone's bullshit trample her. She is o...