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The Blue Rose's Solace by DashieNightingale
The Blue Rose's Solaceby Dashie Nightingale
After Kirito's Fluctlight got severely damaged, he was plunged into a state between conscious and unconscious. Despite the efforts of his friends and family diving into...
Crimson Rosario - An SAO Fanfic - Yuuki Konno X OC by MageProfessor_Simon
Crimson Rosario - An SAO °¤Simon Patrikof¤°
[As a testament to my unending battle against fate, I will pledge my incarnation to see that you remain safe.] A man whose mind surpasses human excellence, Akashi Toriyu...
The Lightning Swordsman (Book 2) by Knotavin
The Lightning Swordsman (Book 2)by Knotavin
(U/N) cleared the SAO but at what cost? He lost three people who he cared about, two have died and he can't find the other one in the real world. What challenges will he...
Angels and Demons (Overlord x SAO Alicization Crossover) by nicoshade
Angels and Demons (Overlord x nicoshade
discontinued «WELCOME TO YGGDRASIL!» ----this is the last thing Kirito hears before he wakes up alone in a mysterious real-life world. Gifted with a powerful status and...
SAO What Ifs by Sailorserenity12
SAO What Ifsby Serenity
Here are some SAO stories that I think should have happened or need to happen, disclaimer I do not own any of the characters just the ocs the show up and notice that mo...
Alicization Twisted by kiri_asuna
Alicization Twistedby Kirisuna
Changed the alicization arc into my own! Kirito X Asuna Open to other ships!
His Soul and Mine by Cicada24
His Soul and Mineby Xev
It has been a few days since the administrator's defeat and everything seemed to turn back to normal, with Eugeo dead and Kirito practically braindead, It is up to Alice...
love conquers all | kirisuna by stelllaax_
love conquers all | kirisunaby Stella L.
[UPDATED MONTHLY] Asuna Stacia, Princess of the Underworld discovered a secret that would turn her whole luxurious life around. [Historical-Themed Kirisuna AU Romance] B...
Kirisuna Oneshots by iisquippyy
Kirisuna Oneshotsby iisquippyy
a series of Kirisuna oneshots bc yea lol most of them will probably be AUs
Trisha Paytas' Kidnapping by begone_thotties1
Trisha Paytas' Kidnappingby begone_thotties1
Trisha Paytas visits a secondary school, but gets KIDNAPPED in her stay. Will she die a gruesome death or start fortnite dancing on a pole?
Sword Art Online [Dimensional Drift] by Toothless012
Sword Art Online [Dimensional Steamy Pie
The Beginning of the Inter Dimensional War. Kirito and his gang find themselves in a strange place, as "someone" reveals their ture identity to the whole world...
Sword Art Online by Homisa123
Sword Art Onlineby Homisa123
Hello! This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it. Those are different stories created by me and some will be originally created by other writers (if they agreed) but...
Remember [KiritoxEugeo] (ON HOLD) by seeyouneverever
Remember [KiritoxEugeo] (ON HOLD)by seeyouneverever
A new life was waiting for Eugeo. One without loneliness or worries in his past life. But will he run into a familiar face in the new town he is going to live in? A tale...
Friends or Enemies ( On Hold Until Summer 2023)  by Irisblossom22
Friends or Enemies ( On Hold Iris The Angel
In Aincrad , where its people fight to survive ; Prince Kirigaya Kazuto Lives on the 100th floor in his castle faraway from his people . His bodyguard Yuuki Asuna having...
YujiKiri/Eugeo x Kirito one shots by Night_Sky_Official
YujiKiri/Eugeo x Kirito one shotsby 𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧 𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐒𝐤𝐲
Yes, it is I. Night Sky. I have decided to just post on my wattpad since I've barely been on here and use it. I post these stories on a Amino community named Sword art o...
[sword art online] the will to live. by Clarenspou
[sword art online] the will to [offline]
You may have heard a lot about Shinigamis, but that one really existed couldn't cross Kiritos mind, even when one of them were standing right in front of his eyes, telli...
Y U J I O by Sumi_Chan
Y U J I Oby ƒℓєυя иσιя ❤
A veces eran pocos minutos los que podía pasar con su hijo, por eso adoptó aquella costumbre de vigilar su sueño por largos momentos, parado como guardián junto a su cun...
Amicitia by Sumi_Chan
Amicitiaby ƒℓєυя иσιя ❤
Cuando Kirito le habla de él hay una sonrisa enorme pintada en su cara, su expresión es serena, feliz, pero en sus ojos habita la melancolía. Y por momentos hasta parece...
sword art online: heart ache by ravenquill811
sword art online: heart acheby RavenQuill
five years after Sao: redirective, the girl known as Galaxy811 is in for an adventure, find out many mysteries