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Eugeo x Reader by _Oztar_
Eugeo x Readerby _.Oztar._
Hello everyone! I have returned and decided to start working on another X reader for y'all, Eugeo is from Sword Art Online: Alicization which is the new season that has...
●◐Alicization: Reimagined◑●【AliceZuberg X Male!Reader! X OC】 ۩SAO: Alicization۩ by J4SZX18
●◐Alicization: Reimagined◑●【 J4SZX!18*
This is my own reimagination of SAO: Alicization, meaning that I will change many things about it. Like the Underword has a world of it's own. This is gonna be an Alice...
Crimson Rosario - An SAO Fanfic, Yuuki Konno X OC by MageProfessor_Simon
Crimson Rosario - An SAO Fanfic, Simon Patrikof
Another random SAO fanfic yaaaay... theres over thousands of these already. The book I wrote here is based on my own original character with his love interest from the...
daffodils | sword art online (coming soon) by blue_moonami
daffodils | sword art online ( リリア
「 ソードアート・オンライン」 · ͟͟͞͞➳❥ eugeo x oc 『even after you ruined me for any other, i cannot regret you. even as i cleave the flesh of wanting from the bone, i hope the night...
Kirisuna Oneshots by iisquippyy
Kirisuna Oneshotsby iisquippyy
a series of Kirisuna oneshots bc yea lol most of them will probably be AUs
Unloved Child by smallJT16
Unloved Childby Joanna Tamada
[Mentioned! Kimetsu no Yaiba x Ascendance of a Bookworm x Mentioned! Sword Art Online: Alicization] ...
SAO drabbles ~ by Staciaisourgoddess
SAO drabbles ~by Harucization
short stories about characters from the Sword Art Online universe, focused mostly on Kirito and Asuna's lives / cute moments with them both. Some stories are based in...
The Lightning Swordsmen (Book 2) by Knotavin
The Lightning Swordsmen (Book 2)by Knotavin
(U/N) cleared the SAO but at what cost? He lost three people who he cared about, two have died and he can't find the other one in the real world. What challenges will he...
Love Conquers All  by stelllaaax
Love Conquers All by Stella L.
Asuna Stacia, Princess of the Underworld discovered a secret that would turn her whole luxurious life around. [Medieval-Themed Kirisuna AU Romance] Beta Read by: @Ardude...
Alicization Twisted by kiri_asuna
Alicization Twistedby Kirisuna
Changed the alicization arc into my own! Kirito X Asuna Open to other ships!
Sword Art Online: The Ghost (SAOXOCR) by Publictomb
Sword Art Online: The Ghost ( Shadow Man
The year is 2022. The world has been waiting in anticipation for the very first full-dive VR system the NerveGear. The NerveGear was designed to fully immerse wearers in...
Cardinal Factor - Augmented Reality by Divoret
Cardinal Factor - Augmented Realityby Divoret
Augmented Reality. Raymond Robinson, a scientist at the University of Harvard in the United States of America, has developed a full functioning full immersive Augmented...
ONE SHOTS  fanfiction by Sumi_Chan
ONE SHOTS fanfictionby ƒℓєυя иσιя ❤
Como su titulo dice, 20 oneshots de, que por flojera nunca había subido aquí. ~Historias cortas, largas, sin conexión (o tal vez sí, no sé) (No fictober)
System alert  Code: 871 by Asuki2022
System alert Code: 871by Asuki uwu
What is happening to me?! Why do I feel like this?! WHY ARE YOU HERE?! ... Hello!! So this is my first fanfic. It's about Sword Art Online and this take place after Ali...
Blossoming Love (Kirito x Eugeo) (FINISHED) by 125animeislife
Blossoming Love (Kirito x Eugeo) ( 1LUV69
Kirito is having a normal day until he gets hit on by mysterious men. Eugeo manages to see Kirito's fight with them and wonders who Kirito was before he met Eugeo. (To t...
Remember [KiritoxEugeo] (ON HOLD) by seeyouneverever
Remember [KiritoxEugeo] (ON HOLD)by seeyouneverever
A new life was waiting for Eugeo. One without loneliness or worries in his past life. But will he run into a familiar face in the new town he is going to live in? A tale...
Sword Art Online: Strongest Duo  by Kaitou-Saikyou-Zeta
Sword Art Online: Strongest Duo by Kaitou-Saikyou-Zeta
Argus Present: In 2022, mankind finally... brought a true virtual world into existance. A game world of Sword Art Online or SAO for short, has created by a scientist na...
Come To Life: Into The Outerworld: SAO After Alicization by kahail
Come To Life: Into The kahail
AU: What if Rath was hiding a secret deeper than even Kirito knew? A.I. may have been the final product of Project Alicization, but the doctors at Rath had been harborin...
Eugeo, my Hero by Sumi_Chan
Eugeo, my Heroby ƒℓєυя иσιя ❤
De ahora en adelante no solo vivirás en el corazón de Kirito-kun, sino también en el mío. Juntos, te prometo, honraremos tu memoria como el mejor espadachín que ha tenid...
Y U J I O by Sumi_Chan
Y U J I Oby ƒℓєυя иσιя ❤
A veces eran pocos minutos los que podía pasar con su hijo, por eso adoptó aquella costumbre de vigilar su sueño por largos momentos, parado como guardián junto a su cun...