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Semblance by AutumnZoeyAthena
Semblanceby 🅜🅔🅜🅔🅚🅔🅝🅝🅐
Definition of Semblance: The state of being somewhat like something but not truly or fully the same thing. With the Pines family tricked, and wary of each other, Bill Ci...
Home (Gravity Falls) by SilverDragon13
Home (Gravity Falls)by SilverDragon13
(Currently being edited and re-posted) Dipper Pines is soon turning 14, but discovers a secret that has been kept from him his whole life and is now confused over the d...
The Child Of Cipher by unusually_freakish
The Child Of Cipherby unusual_freak
(ok listen i know the fandom died but.....i dont care) (Edit: did...did i just revive the fandom?) bill cipher an all powerful and insane demon he can kill you in an ins...
Lost and Forgotten  by starpapers
Lost and Forgotten by starpapers
Dipper has left for the Nightmare Realm. leaving behind his old life. He has sealed away Mabel's Memories of him before the accident and once again she thinks he is dead...
bill's baby brother by chipmunkfan123
bill's baby brotherby chipmunkfan123
Bill has won. He rules over Gravity falls together with his little brother, Dipper Pines. Dipper was one of the main reason's that he even won in the first place. Dipper...
▲i BELONG to YOU▼ by bill_fucking_cipher
▲i BELONG to YOU▼by bill_fucking_cipher
my name is "Dipper Pines" and this is the story on how i met the love of my life and how i found my happy ending and the truth about my "family" enjo...
No More Pinetree by EJbunnyface
No More Pinetreeby EJbunnyface
Dipper and Mable have just arrived back in gravity falls.They are hoping for a relatively relaxing summer, but Dipper keeps having strange dreams of bill. Until one day...
Would it be so bad? by anne_cipher
Would it be so bad?by anne kootstra
Dipper Pines came back to Gravity Falls for the 5th time, he's 16 this time. In the bus he was thinking about Bill again. He couldn't admit it 4 years ago but now that h...
You're Human Now by RCMatt
You're Human Nowby RCMatt
After a confrontation with Bill about what he is hiding. Ford finds himself in possession of Cipher's child. He decides for the safety of the child and everyone in his d...
Me, Myself and Him (a gravity falls fanfiction) by starpapers
Me, Myself and Him (a gravity starpapers
Now, for the sake of the story. let's say that the ending you know lied. let's just assume the ending you remember watching, wasn't the true one. let's pretend that the...
Dipper? (ADOPTED FROM MADTAD13) by tthill70
Dipper? (ADOPTED FROM MADTAD13)by Peace Rains
Dipper has been gone for two weeks now and his family has been searching for him to no avail. But suddenly a mysterious demon going by the name Alcor shows up and claims...
Son of Bill Cipher (ON HIATUS) by Mizar-Mayhem
Son of Bill Cipher (ON HIATUS)by Mizar Mayhem
The chaos of Weirdmaggedon has come to an end. The twins, Dipper and Mabel, birthday are three days away. But what if a certain triangle wasn't defeated? What if he disc...
Alcor's Revenge by MangoCat409
Alcor's Revengeby MangoCat409
What if you were lied to your whole life? What if someone said that your sworn enemy is your father? What if you were told a fact of being demon? Welcome to 'Dipper Pine...
Alcor the demon by shadowtrigger
Alcor the demonby Tayla Potgieter
Dipper has a secret that not even Mabel knows. But Bill cipher found out and he was interested. Who knows where this relationship will end
Alcor Cipher - demon! dipper - paramountcy falls au by GalaxFree
Alcor Cipher - demon! dipper - Dean-eo
"is it better to out monster the monster?" chapter 1, part 1; I promise _._._._._._._._ Dipper and Stanley stood in front of Bill, within his throne room. The...
Dipper? Or Alcor? by Rprssd_Emo
Dipper? Or Alcor?by Springs
What happens when someone you knew... becomes someone, or something else? Sorry, I couldn't help making a fanfic on this AU, I love it so much! And I love GF so why not...
My Inner Soul: Hidden Within Me by Billll_Cipher
My Inner Soul: Hidden Within Meby ThisIsNotACodeName
When Dipper Pines was young, he used to have an imaginary friend that told him all of different magical creatures, but as he grew he begun to forget about him. What happ...
NOT MY TWIN {ADOPTED} by SebastainMichaelis55
{COMPLETED} {RE WRITE NOW POSTED} When Bill is close to dying he gives his powers to dipper. When dipper finds this out he tries to hide it. But what happens? What will...
Alcor D. Cipher by happythoughts312
Alcor D. Cipherby fantasy monster
In this story, Bill is more of a brother to Dipper, along with his brother Will. An incident in the past happened, Dipper had always known because Bill don't feel th...
Blue Fire in the Eyes by quailbirdbb
Blue Fire in the Eyesby Bird
(Because my other version of this au is an ew) [Started January 10th 2019] Dipper was never known as Mabel's brother. He was never known as the son of Amy and James Pine...