Age-regression Stories

37 Stories

Little Butterflies~Littlespace Tamaki Amajiki~ by enguoqk3enfiergn3
Little Butterflies~Littlespace Juniper
Tamaki Amajiki is currently living at a homeless shelter because his parents kicked him out for being a little (age-regressor), so now even at school with his friends an...
A Little's Guide To Being Little by FromDakota
A Little's Guide To Being Littleby FromDakota
This book Is for those who want to learn about the little lifestyle. As well for caregivers who want to better the art of caregiving. Or for those who are just curious.
Daddy's little Angel  by Small-emo-bean
Daddy's little Angel by xxash_avalanchexx
Violet is a broken girl who can barely take care of herself. What will happen when she meets her new boss? Can she keep it together for her boss, Mr. Biersack? Or will M...
Little Luna by AbandonedandAfraid
Little Lunaby Adorable Princess
Ayline is shy, so timid, and constantly worried about everyone, other than herself. She wants and tries her best to give everyone, everything they ever want, no question...
The Program by BumblingFae
The Programby Bee
Daisy, an overworked young woman, discovers a mysterious organization that claims to wan to help her rest and relax. There she meets new friends, and Daniel. At the prog...
Karl x Sapnap x Quackity x Little listener :) by BumbleBea_XD
Karl x Sapnap x Quackity x
This is a story for any little space age (Its Karl x Sapnap x Quackity x Y/N )
Age regression-ttebasa?! by TaiyokoChan
Age regression-ttebasa?!by YukiTheFox
Boruto sees a scroll that caught his attention and heads to it. Then a lady absorbs all his Chakra and he gets turned into a baby. Sarada and the others find him crying...
The rich diaper teen by wittledash
The rich diaper teenby wittledash
Story about a boy living with a nanny because hes parents are never home of school. But then they found out hes parents had a secret age regression pistol..... Sorry im...
Chip A Fang Get A Baby by LittleMissRaven13
Chip A Fang Get A Babyby Kirenia Ayako
Sequel to A Vampire's Heart and Prequel to Caspian Myotismon decides to show off for his girlfriend Raven. He ends up crashing into a tree and manages to chip one of his...
Truth Or Dare by LittleMissRaven13
Truth Or Dareby Kirenia Ayako
Sequel to Getten' My Fox (THE REWRITE) It's the Marionette's initiation and things are going great. That is until it's time for truth or dare. When the Shadows dare Rave...
The Queen's Prince by HeteptheBrit
The Queen's Princeby HeteptheBrit
Charra the queen of Rakash has akways wanted a child after discovering her mutations will not allow her to conceive ahe comes up with her own plan.
The Haunted House So Scary It'll Put You Back In Diapers by CuteAndPampered
The Haunted House So Scary It'll CuteAndPampered
This is one of my personal ABDL fantasies that I wish can happen, so I hope it can bring happiness to you guys. It's about me and my friend on one Halloween night going...
Father Vincent by WanderingHobo
Father Vincentby Mr. Magical
When Vincent constructs a device that was suppose to permanently de-activate the robots, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by shorter and cuter versions of animatroni...