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Last Man Standing by formula1islife
Last Man Standingby Pierre Schumacher
Racing. Racing was in her blood. From a young age, Marylinde Magnussen was hooked on the feeling of flying over the race track. She got into a go-kart when she turned f...
Nothing by annahshalom
Nothingby annahshalom
"I loved you dangerously Alia,more than the air that I freaking breath but yet you still went ahead and chose him" "What are you talking about. I did not...
The Things That I Left Behind.. by tanya21034
The Things That I Left tanya21034
Sequel to Entangled in a marriage! Can be read as stand-alone.You don't necessarily need to read the first book. Highest rank in romance:#138 Highest rank in #againstall...
AGAINST ALL ODDS (Completed) ✅ by loveforbooks333
Just as you feel everything is going to settle down. Life kicks you hard enough to reach next level shit. It's the way of moving on I suppose. " You will destroy...
Gadgeteer (The Crisis Nemesis book 1) by LJmolin667
Gadgeteer (The Crisis Nemesis L.J.Molina
On the night of July 29th of the year 2059, Vermillion Blue city was in mayhem. The Bastion of Heroism saw its most significant victory and defeat at the hands of one su...
Forever Yours by yagyachowdary
Forever Yoursby Yagya Chowdary
# 338 india out of 25.4K stories "I don't love her in the way she seeks or she does," exclaimed Vivaan, causing Vrinda's anticipating smile to fade into a h...
Something Undefined by TheLoneArtist23
Something Undefinedby The Lone Artist
What happens when someone you've seen for so long suddenly becomes the only one all you can think about? A fifth year Hermione Granger couldn't resist the urge to stop h...
I AM A BETRICby Celestial Midnight
Totoo pala ang kasabihan na... " Today's a history, Tommorow is a mystery " Walang nakakaalam sa mangyayari ngayon, hanga't hindi pa dumarating ang panahon na...
Pal - Adiya FF by DatDereArt
Pal - Adiya FFby Artista
In one second everything can change. A beginning of happiness can turn into a life time of sadness. Join Aditya and Zoya as they deal through life unexpected twist and t...
Across the Midnight Sea by MarissaWalkerWriter
Across the Midnight Seaby Marissa F. Walker
"You are Tamerian, I am Shaynari. We can never be" "I don't care what we can and cannot be, I love you." - Adira has a gift, one that has brought her...
The Gangster's Romance by CahLix
The Gangster's Romanceby IamCahLix
Is it forbidden to fall in love with the daughter of your country's President? Well, for someone like Kwon Kino, it is definitely forbidden especially that he's the Seco...
Against All Odds by crunchpuff
Against All Oddsby grell sutcliff
Erin Flores is 15 years old and an orphan. She lives alone, is self-dependant, and only has one close friend. That's all there is to her. Or so her year thinks. Aside fr...
against all odds | nyt - kjs  by ibiasjinah
against all odds | nyt - kjs by JINAH
kim jisoo's life was as perfect as it could get. but maybe 'perfect' doesn't exist and when jisoo begins to realize it, maybe jisoo had never wanted 'perfect'. and mayb...
Without Words by Hey_Jessie8821
Without Wordsby J.G Collins
Asher is a sophomore in high school. But there's something very different about them. Asher is nonverbal, he is completely inable to speak. And he is constantly bullied...
The rouge Luna by Roxi-lee
The rouge Lunaby Roxi-lee
Sienna Willows has been a rouge for the last 8 years. Running and hiding has been her coping mechanism since that awful night. When she meets her mate and Alpha William...
Amelia by annahshalom
Ameliaby annahshalom
Rays are golden drops of sun. The ocean is blue. Wind is an unseen truth . Birds are a ray of hope. Red is the colour of blood. Pain is the true form of death. As I lean...
BECAUSE IT WAS YOU by minoshirodrigo
BECAUSE IT WAS YOUby minoshirodrigo
RANKING - #1 lifeofateen [20/11/2020] ~Emma and Jayden~ If romance were a religion, Jayden would be an atheist. His belief in love, the greatest myth of all time was the...
The Hieress Love Affair by yashtara
The Hieress Love Affairby YASHTARA
Obsidian Juanvictorios find it difficult to defy his old man while Min Erva Cargill find it difficult to defy her desire for him. The heiress love affair is quiet compl...
Against All Odds (Reylo AU) by itsallhannah
Against All Odds (Reylo AU)by highsandlows
College is supposed to be the place where one discovers themselves and finds their place. Two students did just that. Rey is at the top of the class and Ben is at the to...
Stand Alone Together by AEHolmshaw
Stand Alone Togetherby A.E.H
1941 was year they could do no more running. The year when a girl had to do what nobody thought was possible. The year when the world turned upside down. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*...