Adric Stories

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Across The Universe by QueerSnakeBoi
Across The Universeby QueerSnakeBoi
"Sorry to interrupt, but I'm the Doctor, and I want to know if you could point me to the Hall of Miniatures? I would like to have a conversation with the rulers of...
The Museum Wedding by QueerSnakeBoi
The Museum Weddingby QueerSnakeBoi
Their wedding was coming up. It was currently the 18th of September, and they would be married on the night of the 21st of September. Jedediah and Octavius smile at the...
Doctor Who one-shots by Spanner339
Doctor Who one-shotsby Wren
A series of short stories following the adventures of our favourite time traveling Doctor, following every regeneration.
A Second Chance (A Doctor Who fanfiction) by musicismyhappyplace
A Second Chance (A Doctor Who musicismyhappyplace
Everyone, including the Doctor, believes that Adric was killed at the end of Earthshock. What if he didn't die, but was instead captured by the Master to be used in his...
The Blood Gift Series: Book One, The Witch by live_laugh_love96
The Blood Gift Series: Book One, Rachel
Mariella has been on the run since the age of five, becuase of a spell that was put on her the time of her birth and killed many people. Little does people know that it...
Basically my Diary by DrewJames9
Basically my Diaryby Foxy Tatty
I'm bored so here's somethings. Geeky drawings and random stuff.
Ghosts Walks  by Chicagofirefan3
Ghosts Walks by Chicagofirefan3
The TARDIS lands in the 17th century trying to get Tegan to Heathrow airport but the TARDIS picks up a distressed signal. Can Phoebe The Doctor and there companions Get...
Father Dear by NyssaAinley
Father Dearby Nyssa Ainley
Nyssa has been kidnapped by the Master - an event that rips the fabric of the Universe apart and causes a new Universe to hit it off... A Universe where Adric dies in Ca...
The Hoilday  by Chicagofirefan3
The Hoilday by Chicagofirefan3
After Deafening Sabaoth The Doctor Phoebe and there friends go on an intergalactic hoilday to recover while Phoebe and The Doctor do some repair work. But when things go...
Eyes Of Conscience by WickedlyAce
Eyes Of Conscienceby Wickedly Ace
After The Master sacrifices himself for Dorothy, she resigns herself to a life of loneliness. Nancy has also abandoned her to live with Mr and Mrs Turlough in Australia...
Fragments of Snow- Doctor Who Fanfic by AncientGallifrey
Fragments of Snow- Doctor Who AncientGallifrey
The Doctor struggles with the long-past memory of Adric's death, and how he never really forgave himself for letting it happen.
A little blue book {a Doctor Who fanfic} by rider_of_the_tardis
A little blue book {a Doctor Who rider_of_the_tardis
Rivers blue book has materialised on the TARDIS console and Clara starts to ask questions
The Clockwork Ghost:  A Doctor Who Fanfiction by Materpc
The Clockwork Ghost: A Doctor Materpc
The fourth Doctor and Adric land in the midst of a theatre, on chance meeting with the theatre's resident ghost the Doctor takes a keen interest. There's no such thing a...
The Girl That Time Forgot: Series 1 by horrxrlvr
The Girl That Time Forgot: Series 1by Em Gilmour
Summer 2020 Ruby Gordon is a packing her bags to go on a jet set adventure around the world to take a break from her university. But the she meets four people who change...
I Will Find You by QueerSnakeBoi
I Will Find Youby QueerSnakeBoi
"Here let me take a look." Loki hands the Doctor the keypad. "Of course. This is broken. That is the reason why it is not getting you to the location you...
Doctor Who-Short Trips "Miracle Enough" by FuchsiaSong
Doctor Who-Short Trips "Miracle Gemma Tabitha Lewis
A classic Doctor Who fanfic, featuring the fourth Doctor. Emma Meakin first meets the Doctor when she is eight years old after running away from her bullying classmates...
A Long Lost Friend (A Doctor Who Fanfic) by a-pair-of-writers
A Long Lost Friend (A Doctor Who Melody & Fish
This story is a Doctor Who fanfic that is based off another Doctor Who fanfic I wrote but I didn't like how it was going but I still liked the idea so this story was bor...
The Book Of Names by desperate4disney
The Book Of Namesby Princy Quincy
Imagine yourself hundreds of thousands of years old. Inside of your pocket, no matter what, is a little, torn notebook. Inside this notebook is a series of names. Each n...