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My Love (A Tyler Scheid x Reader story)  by peachyln
My Love (A Tyler Scheid x Reader LN
What happens when Ethan (CrankGamePlays) Nestor's best friend Tyler, falls in love with his little sister Y/N Nestor? What will the future hold for them? And will Ethan...
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Tyler X Ethan //Theories & Moments// by thatrandomtrash
Tyler X Ethan //Theories & Ȁ̵̠̘̿s̷͔̹͌̒̂ḣ̶̢̭̇͐👽
***ENDED*** Random Gay Stuff. Bt if you find stuff just tell me (/°·°)/ ** © to @cosmic.chara on IG for book cover ** DISCLAIMER:I am not forcing this relationship toget...
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Blue Baby (Tythan) by SomeoneProbably
Blue Baby (Tythan)by SomeoneProbably
A cute ab/dl (adult baby diaper lover) story of Tyler x Ethan. Might add some other ships and characters. I think it's cute. Any and all comments are welcome, happy rea...
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The Warmth In Your Arms (Completed!) by Fangurl_4Lyfe
The Warmth In Your Arms ( Human Being
|Markiplier×Reader/Amyplier| •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° You just got over a break up with a guy who was mistreating you very much, but that is to be left unsaid. You're to make a...
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Tyler Scheid imagines <3 by kase_ww
Tyler Scheid imagines <3by I'm trash
This is just a book of Tyler imagines. 💗💗 if you have suggestions, let me know. Ily 💗
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Markiplier and Jacksepticeye one shots by SepticBossie
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye one SepticBossie
just some one shots of our favorite YouTubers
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Youtubers in the apocalypse by Phanistilldeath
Youtubers in the apocalypseby Phanistilldeath
anyone interested in reading/ helping revise a story I'm writing? It's a walking dead/ YouTube au with Dan, Phil, Markiplier, Crankgameplays, Tyler scheid and Jacksepti...
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My Photography by SmolArmyBean
My Photographyby Hannah
This will contain the photos I have taken in time I hope y'all like them Some of them took some time to get some are macro macro = Up close
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Caraphernelia°•°•Tyler Scheid by VicsShavedHair
Caraphernelia°•°•Tyler Scheidby Satan Midnight Thot
Caraphernelia (n.) A broken heart disease that occurs whenever someone leaves you, but leaves all of their things behind.
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Thankful by Len_Gem
Thankfulby LeonardTucker
A list-story for Thanksgiving. I will give my thanks and reasons in every chapter!
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Happiness is a Drug (First Part of the Tainted Serum stories) by SmilingPixel
Happiness is a Drug (First Part Pixel Dip
Here's a short story I did for the Tainted Serum event in the ministry of joy! -THIS BOOK IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS- cover by : ME!
Random Quotes by SmolArmyBean
Random Quotesby Hannah
This is just a bunch of random quotes That I either thought of randomly or I got from friends(or like online) soo yeah. 💜
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When I Was A Kid... [Crankgamplays x Markiplier x Reader x Tyler] by Yama-Koshi
When I Was A Kid... [ Kaylyn
My life is miserable. All that was left was my fans holding me together. Till I met them. My strong Tyler broke away my walls. Mark used permanent ink and redrew my hear...
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Darkiplier x Apocalypto_12 Goodness by Viaotic
Darkiplier x Apocalypto_12 Goodnessby Viaotic
I stumbled across a Dark x Ethan fanfic, and began to question why there are no Tyler x Dark fanfics (or why I'm not finding them if there are). I think this pairing is...
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help me by crankiplier4ever
help meby crankiplier4ever
Antiseptic tries to take over Jack will he succeed? With the help of his friends will they stop antiseptic read to find out Will have septiplier of course :))
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Lost and Found by Xx_mirage_xX
Lost and Foundby Mirage
This story is set in the urban areas of India. When Nikita and her bestie finds a sick kitten , will it change their life? WARNING: Bite sized chapters! P.S. I made the...
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Inspirational/ Funny Quotes by DarkKitten7
Inspirational/ Funny Quotesby nikki
Just some pictures with mainly Markiplier and Jacksepticeye quotes... maybe some other random ones too... some of them may just be funny to me so I put them in there...
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Trust me|tythan| by ChildofLight
Trust me|tythan|by ChildofLight
This is a book about Ethan and Tyler. Ethan is a new kid and Tyler is a boy who blackmails and threatens people. This is the story about how they find each other in a s...
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smile always  by galixicatt
smile always by Charlotte Jones
a girl named Catt falls in love with the one and only drum role please....Tyler Scheid (apocalypto_12).
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Dream? by lattricedisabri00
Dream?by G.C
Una fan ha l occasione di fare una collaborazione con i suo idolo tutto sembrava perfetto fino a che non ebbe conosciuto il cugino della sua idola...
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