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Barry Allen's Secret by writingWeirdo1226
Barry Allen's Secretby Writing Weirdo
Barry Allen has many secrets, his main one being his superhero identity, however he has one that is by far his best kept and longest kept secret. Thirteen years ago Myl...
Stark Secrets by Ragwitch10
Stark Secretsby Ragwitch
The life of a little girl hidden away not because she's not loved, her father thinks the world of her, but because she is different. Lily was found on her fathers' doors...
I Thought I Knew Myself  {Complete} by xx_SlytherinQueen_xx
I Thought I Knew Myself {Complete}by Jessica
On Hermione's 16th birthday she discovers something that will change her life for the better. On her journey through the year Hermione discovers: - Who she really was ...
Kara's secret by SupercorpENDGAME16
Kara's secretby Superwho :)
Kara has a secret she's never told anyone... in highschool at the age of 17 she was raped, she had a child that she kept hidden and never told anyone about the rape... w...
Secret~ Colby Brock's Daughter (SLOW UPDATES) by JosG91
Secret~ Colby Brock's Daughter ( Josey G
Secret. She's always been one, just never knew. Alli Brock is a sweet but playful kid, just like her dad. She never understood why her dad would be yelling in the kitch...
Our Daughter (Dramione) by fandomwriter08
Our Daughter (Dramione)by fandomwriter08
Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy fall in love during their redo 7th year at Hogwarts. Draco apologizes to Hermione and everyone else he had harmed/bullied. Their relati...
Opal McDuck: The Lost McDuck by skye4everyandever
Opal McDuck: The Lost McDuckby Who said I can't do this?
Small sequel to my Scroldie one shots Opal McDuck was the daughter of Scrooge McDuck and Goldie O'Gilt. She was taken by Goldie after she thawed and left Scrooge behind...
The Secret Daughter by Arthuriansx
The Secret Daughterby Jess😋
Elizabeth Lily Potter is the daughter of James and Lily Potter, but unknown to their son and the boy who lived, Harry Potter. Kept hidden and a secret from her brother u...
Steve's secret Daughter  by PupTheDup
Steve's secret Daughter by PupTheDup
Steve and the avengers are in the Stark tower and talking. But what The avengers don't know is that Steve has a daughter. You are his daughter and ur at Steve's house.(I...
In The Name Of Love by VoidSolo
In The Name Of Loveby VoidSolo
What if instead of Katherine taking the cure, Caroline did? What if she did sleep with The Big Bad Hybrid? What happens if Caroline got pregnant instead of Hayley? Eve...
TheFamousFilms FNAF 6: Afton's Secret Daughter (REBOOT) by StormAfton102603
TheFamousFilms FNAF 6: Afton's Storm
Storm has been looking for her dad since she forgave him and Molten for the accident. The accident that caused her to be 15 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟. Her little brothers were kill...
Filia Maris [Pirates of the Caribbean | Captain Jack Sparrow] by DarkLadyAthara
Filia Maris [Pirates of the DarkLadyAthara
A Pirates of the Caribbean FanFiction Maris has a past full of secrets, pain, betrayal and loss that she does not like to think of often. Thoughts of a Lady Captain of...
Baby Girl by jayyg0ttfanzz
Baby Girlby 💋💛
Featuring Chris Brown
Staffroom Affairs (Waterloo Road) by Carolineeexx
Staffroom Affairs (Waterloo Road)by Caroline
Kylie Longford is the new NQT at waterloo road. She is fiery, a flirt but she has a kind heart. Kylie starts her job at Waterloo road, where she mets tom. Kylie feels a...
End of her Silence by dererempas
End of her Silenceby Althea D.
Too much hatred is what she felt towards her own Mother for disowning her. Was it because of her career? Or there has another reason to keep her away from her own Mother...
The Doctor's Secret Daughter by Minecraft_user666210
The Doctor's Secret Daughterby Minecraft_user666210
My name is Harmony Song. I am the daughter of River Song and the Doctor. But, he doesn't know I exist. He doesn't know that I'm his daughter. Not until my 11th birthday...
Snape's Secret Daughter by steffanyriddle
Snape's Secret Daughterby steffanyriddle
Lilibeth Snape (lily) lives in Hogwarts under the care of Albus Dumbledore and her father Severus Snape. She is no ordinary witch. She has silvery white eyes that makes...
The Hobbit's Daughter(A Hobbit Fanfiction) by Jurassicparkfreak
The Hobbit's Daughter(A Hobbit Aidan Gold
It's been three years since she found out she was Bilbo's daughter, and Aeryn Greenhill is determined to go out on a quest of her own, along with her friend Ryker, to ex...
Secret Identities (Tony Stark's Daughter) by willowbarton28
Secret Identities (Tony Stark's willowbarton28
"See you around Webs," He smiled at his new nickname. "See you around Stark," he said back. I shut the door with the ghost of a smile on my face. ~~~...
Daughter of Storms by DominoRuler
Daughter of Stormsby DominoRuler
During the Percy Jackson series, they never mentioned her, but she was the girl in the shadows. The girl who's job was to help then flee. She helped on the quests even i...