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A Path Through You by sellexyyy
A Path Through Youby potatoo_elle
"Paths. What is it really? People defines paths as our ways with life, it's about what we choose, what we wanted. It's made out of decisions. The rest? History.&quo...
[END] Deceive [Translate Indonesia] by Gamelli13
[END] Deceive [Translate Indonesia]by " * Syelli * "
Title : Deceive, 欺骗 Author : 林仑 Lenght : Oneshot Seorang polisi yang menyamar di sebuah perusahaan untuk mendekati bos mafia untuk menemukan catatan kriminalnya dan meng...
Game Over [Michael Mell] - zawieszone -  by loser_rules
Game Over [Michael Mell] - S̴l̴u̴s̴h̴i̴e̴
Słone krople skapywały na błękitne kafelki, niczym deszcz, który osiadłszy na krańcach dachu pozbawionego rynny, skapywał od nadmiaru wody i odbijał się od chodnika w ak...
the story of allah by beef_thundercock
the story of allahby Allah Singh
pakistan go bum bum
The Home of Butterflies by greenstars11
The Home of Butterfliesby greenstars11
Story about a girl who tries to find her dad, choose between 2 guys, discover herself and figuring out her relationship with her mother
dogggggggg by Suckywriter123
doggggggggby Ssssssssuckywrrrriter
pictures of my dog, shes really cute so (also copying rin) also now my cats in there
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Does it have to be a happy ending?  by Dinonara99
Does it have to be a happy ending? by Dinonara99
"I Dare You To Date her for 3 months" "Aight" "Better not fall for her" "yeah yeah...just give me what you've promised asshole" ~...
Chance to be Better (One Shot Stories) by Toronggg
Chance to be Better (One Shot Yrgrmyldy
One-Shots Collection. (On-Hold) Every morning we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better. Your past is your past. Leave it there. Get on...
Let Me Be Your Bodyguard by hansbila13
Let Me Be Your Bodyguardby Hans_bila
Kita ngga pernah tau, kapan segalanya dimulai dan berakhir, dan dimulai kembali, hingga berakhir untuk terakhir kalinya.
Just sg by PancakeQueen23
Just sgby Aeri.babie
Igazából ez csak egy rövid Changlix fanfic, amit csak azért írtam mert az egyik legjobb barátnőm szomorú volt, úgyhogy gondoltam meglepem vele :3 Ilysm byebye, enjoy the...
Wannabe me!  by Daniella_writez
Wannabe me! by Jan Di
A shy girl that had a dream to became a model and a superstar model that notice the shy girl having a potential to be a great model... (this is inspired by itzy on their...
TBH by rismawanti
TBHby Rismawanti
Harapanku, Setelah aku menulis ini, Aku bisa menemukan tujuanku. Perlahan, Aku juga bisa menerima diriku apa adanya.
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M.G Acedamia by mimi041999
M.G Acedamiaby mimi041999
this is 5,000 years into the future world 100 percent women until one guy came
Ly hôn đi ! 👿💔 by TrcQunhMaiTh
Ly hôn đi ! 👿💔by Trúc Quỳnh Mai Thị
--Sở Sở chúng ta ly hôn đi 💋💔
Haunted School Story by Zahraawifaw
Haunted School Storyby Zahrachan
{Random story} What you do if your school become to be scare? what you do if some a piece Mystery and Creepy story you found at your school. Curious what happened? read...
Gonna Be Famous [A.I./N.H./C.H./H.S.] by Lara5sauce
Gonna Be Famous [A.I./N.H./C.H./ Lara
"Du kannst dich doch noch an meine Tante Karen erinnern? Die Sache ist die, sie heiratet in ein paar Wochen und hat mich gefragt, ob ich bei der Feier ein paar Lied...