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  • Meaningful Quotes
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  • 13 REASONS WHY// Glorybringer [Completed]
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    "There are thirteen reasons why your friend died. You are one of them." One month ago, a girl named Glory Bright took her life. ~ The girl with beautiful green eyes and I-know-what-you-mean smile. The kind student that loved to memorize things. The orphan that went through harsh things with a confident, stubborn det...

  • 101 Wings of Fire Spoofs 3
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    Haha you know what it is ;)

  • Ask A Dragon
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    In this book you can ask any dragon from Wings of Fire questions. How does this work? Well, in each chapter we will have an interview with a dragon of your choosing. Comment a question in the chapter and I'll make sure to add it to the interview. That's it! Enjoy!

  • Zodiac Signs | ✓
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    A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.

  • 101 Wings Of Fire Spoofs! (Now Completed)
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    Highest Rank: 1 in #tuitsutherland BOOK 2 IS UP! Yay!!!! Do you want to laugh? do you want to shake your head as your favorite Wings of Fire characters find their places in hilarious spoofs? You are in the right place! Spoofs, comebacks, jokes, everything! I do not own 90 percent of the jokes shown in here. Most of t...

  • WoF Fluff
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    Includles short stories, memes,random ships, fluff, and ocs!

  • ✤Zodiac Signs✤
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    [Book 1] If I wake up at 4 a.m and find myself bored, I'll post a new chapter. These people aren't mad; they're weird. Yes, I'm weird. But how are you according to your Zodiac Sign? In this book you'll see: different squads, responds, and facts about your Signs. P.S: All Credits goes to tumblr, google, etc.

  • Mirajane's Shipping Book
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    Mirajanes Shipping book. She is spying on EVERYONE. She Also has her own club: SHIPPING CLUB! She is the president and Lisanna is visepresident.

  • Fairy Tail ~Truth OR Dare~
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    NaLu, GaLe, JeRza, Miraxus, and Gruvia! You can request truths and dares, it can be for anyone on the show/manga. I hope you enjoy! I do not own Fairy tail.

  • WoF pics
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    WELCOME! Here I have gathered a collection of Wings Of Fire fanart, music videos, and memes! None of the art here is mine, I would like to repeat I suck at drawing this art isn't mine. None of the characters are mine either not even the OCs (only pearl fanarts are mine), anyway please come and enjoy all the wonderful...

  • Wings of Fire Quotes
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    All the best quotes from the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland.

  • Fairy Tail Memes and Other Random Stuff
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    This is basically just some Fairy Tail memes and cracks that I will update when I'm bored or need a break from making a fanfic.

  • Texts | ✓
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    A list of Texts.

  • Zodiac Signs | ✎
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    A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.

  • Memes | ✓
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    A list of Memes.

  • Would You Rather | ✓
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    A list of Would You Rather questions.

  • FairyTail Facts
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    Fairy Tail Facts ! Lots of facts about Fairy Tail like : *Dose Hiro Mashima Ship Nalu or Nali , *Different Ships , *What Hiro Mashima thinks . And many more . If you would like to know more facts about Ft and its charaters , Read ! ^0^ @TrinityLi

  • Deathbringer's Ultimate Guide To Being A Bodyguard ((Glorybringer!!))
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    #1 wingsoffire 31st October Have you ever wanted to learn the pristine art of body guarding? Wanna learn how to protect a Queen and stop life-threatening assassinations? Ever wanted to know how Deathbringer, the Master bodyguard himself, makes being a bodyguard look so easy? Well you've come to the right place! From...

  • Wings of Fire Song Parodies 🎸
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    Hit songs turned into parodies with your favourite Wings of Fire characters!

  • Wings of Fire: Rap Battles
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    These are just some hilarious rap battles with the Wings of Fire characters. Enjoy, Fanwings.

  • Wings Of Fire: Icefire
    27.1K 490 21

    What if, Darkstalker had an older sister that everyone thought Arctic killed. What if, the sister, Icefire, had the same powers as Darkstalker, but another power as well, one far more deadly than animus magic. What if, after Clearsight defeats Darkstalker and heads for the lost continent, she finds Icefire. Fast forw...

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
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    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."

  • The Color of Night
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    (COMPLETED) Even if the second group of dragonets have already 'defeated' Darkstalker, there is something still lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect chance to ruin the peace of the rainforest. And when Queen Glory is severely injured, Deathbringer must find a way to maintain the rainforest under control, w...

  • Wings of fire: As Humans
    31.1K 854 38

    What would it be like if the Jade Winglet characters were (Human, I should specify) normal teenagers? No prophecies, or powers, or secrets or lies. Just... high school. Find out in this fanfic where Moon, Qibli, Winter, Turtle and Kinkajou are regular 15 year old teens doing regular teenage things. Okay, that's the be...

  • Welcome to Pyrrhia High
    73K 1.3K 35

    Highest rank: #1 in #wingsoffire WINGS OF FIRE MODERN HIGH SCHOOL AU Imagine ... what would it be like if the Dragonets of Destiny weren't forced to stop a war, but finish their mountains of stupid history homework? What if the Jade Winglet spent their time playing Truth or Dare and Seven Minutes in Heaven instead of...

  • GloryBringer Stories
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    Yea!!!!!!!!! I love this C: I hope ye like it MORE HAS BEEN ADDED

  • Wings of Fire: Flights of Matrimony
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    *Cover by TheRealDrakeRedwing* Do you like Wings of Fire? Yes?! Awesome! You have passed one-third of the very prestigious pre-reading process. Now... Do you ship different characters together? That too?! Fantastic, because you have now passed two-thirds of the process. Now, our last question. Do want to see your...

  • The Hue of Dawn
    35.4K 1K 39

    SEQUEL TO: The Color of Night It has been seven years since Queen Glory and ex-assassin Deathbringer defeated Darkstalker in their rainforest. Glory and her bodyguard have finally established a happy family and the rainforest is in peace. However, trouble is slowly brewing, so Deathbringer and Glory must make a deci...

  • Just a little Glorybringer for ya
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    This is a story about Glory and Deathbringer's life together and their dragonets. Plus their dragonet's adventures at Jade Mountain Academy. Please comment and vote! I love hearing from readers! GLORYBRINGER FOREVER! Reviews "One of the best writers I have ever incountered." -@LoveofWinterWatcher "This story is so we...