Just a little Glory...
By LaurenABlack
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This is a story about Glory and Deathbringer's life together and their dragonets. Plus their dragonet's adventures at Jade Mountain Academy. Please comment and vote! I love hearing from readers! GLORYBRINGER FOREVER! Other Versions: -Graphic Novel Version can be found on my profile/@ActiveArtist's profiles. All art from @ActiveArtist -Para una versión de este libro en español, revisa mi perfil y el de @Josuesito23. Traducción proporcionada por @Josuesito23 Reviews "One of the best writers I have ever incountered." -@LoveofWinterWatcher "This story is so well-written, and its absolutely adorable!" - @zaffreflare "I LOVE THIS BOOK SOOOOO MUCH" - @moonwatchersister "I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!" -@raymond1937 "This is perfection" -@Midnight4132 "The chapters just keep getting better and better." LoveofWinterWatcher "I can't go a second without a new chappie" -@WingsOfFireFangirl "Great story!" -@Goldtalon "The Drama!!!!!! I love it!!!!!" -@FemaleVersionOfSatan "This is too adorable!" -@peril290 "I LOVE THIS" -@zaffreflare "My ship senses are tingling" -@wingsoffirelover06 "when I'm bored, I'll sit by Wattpad and I'll just wait for this story to update" -@GlorybringerRulesAll "I'm lost for words. Wow just soo amazing" -@LoveofWinterWatcher "this is AMAZIN!!!!!" -@HeartPonder45 "Oh damn this is good" -LoveofWinterWatcher "this is a beautiful moment in ship history" -@FemaleVersionOfSatan "I FEIRCETEETHEN LUV UR STORYS"-@GlorybringerRulesAll "I was almost crying it was sooooooo sad but soooooo good." -@wingsoffireqibli "I'm going to be honest, I almost cried." -@GlorybringerRulesAll "I'm lost for words. Wow just soo amazing." -@LoveofWinterWatcher All Rights to Tui T. Sutherland for the Wings of Fire series, and to @SugareeSweet for Rainkeeper's name. All characters belong to Tui, except for Rainkeeper, Joy, Air, Squelch, Seashell, Kelp, Nightflyer, Firefly, Pear, Pineapple, Macaw, Faithbringer, Adobe, and Coal

Glorybringer Wedding

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Just a li...
by LaurenABlack