101 Wings Of Fire S...
By moonwatcher71
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Highest Rank: 1 in #tuitsutherland BOOK 2 IS UP! Yay!!!! Do you want to laugh? do you want to shake your head as your favorite Wings of Fire characters find their places in hilarious spoofs? You are in the right place! Spoofs, comebacks, jokes, everything! I do not own 90 percent of the jokes shown in here. Most of them are from tumblr or Instagram. Many of them are just jokes passed on since who knows when. ~ PLEASE READ. This book is a PG13 book. It's for laughter. Please do not comment anything hateful or related to something extremely mature, such as sex. This book isn't for any ship wars or threats. Respect people's opinion. This is for a light laugh made in hopes that will brighten someone's day. Please do not comment things like, "***shippers should go rot in a hole and die". Respect people's opinion, please. Weird and disrespectful comments have made me consider deleting this book, which isn't cool.


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101 Wings...
by moonwatcher71