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  • Trick of the Light
    1.6K 153 4

    /A story of unconditional love in an unconventional life/ Her eyes darted almost imperceptibly to his lips and back to his intense gaze. "It's not that simple," she whispered. He shook his head. He knew. None of it had been simple, except for the way her smile lit him up from the inside. The way her touch ignited ever...

  • Stage 12 [A Harry Styles OU]
    1.2K 87 8

    Harry x Reader OU In which Harry Styles is this season's newest coach on The Voice and you're currently the three-time reigning champion. He's aiming to dethrone you- both of you no strangers to friendly competition- however, he just might find himself fighting for something else along the way.

  • Kiwis | Harry Styles
    53.2K 2.5K 36

    *THIS BOOK IS THE SEQUEL TO KIWI* Jessi and Harry are married with four kids. They've been happily married for ten years but it seems like they're only just beginning to be tested. How will they and their children cope with the obstacles being sent their way?

  • Noir
    23.2K 648 15

    Maddox West, L.A. based art dealer, lives a rather mundane, career-driven life. However, work is a lot more interesting when she takes on superstar Harry Styles as a client. Never mix business with pleasure, they said. But they never met Harry.

  • no strings // h.s a.u
    653 55 4

    In hindsight, developing a friends with benefits relationship with her best friend's brother probably wasn't Mabel Mayfair's brightest idea, but after a recent breakup and feeling like she's in a rut, Mabel figures a bit of sex can't hurt anyone. "No feelings, no sharing, no strings." A friends with benefits AU