You Feel Like Home...
By shallows
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Ryan Walden, serial mover, children's toy enthusiast, and overall socially awkward twenty-seven year old, is completely content with being alone. Quarantining in her brand new flat will be nothing short of bearable for her, considering the only thing she needs to keep herself busy is her new job and her kitten, Luna. But things never tend to go her way. And when she makes a new friend in the form of a tiny human who thinks her clumsiness is the funniest thing he's ever seen (which, to be fair, is probably true), Ryan's finding out that being alone isn't all it's chalked up to be. Oh, and the fact that his father is unbearably attractive only causes Ryan to wonder how long she can handle being cooped up in this godforsaken apartment complex. The one in which Harry finds himself psychoanalyzing the quirky girl next door, wondering if the void in his heart can be filled with the simpler things in life. Featuring a curly-headed toddler, a friendly kitten, and enough awkward run-ins in carpeted hallways to put any romantic comedy to shame. (banner by leigh)


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You Feel...
by shallows