fade in, fade out [...
By shallows
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From the first moment Nora Priestley met Harry Styles, she knew that they were never destined to be friends. Coming from two separate worlds is putting it far too lightly-considering Harry's family owned a massive real estate empire and Nora and her mother were otherwise known as the help. Working hard to get what she wanted was practically instilled in her person, therefore crossing paths with Harry at boarding school was never supposed to go further than four years of unbearable acquaintanceship. But life has a funny way of never going according to plan, and somehow in the span of growing up and falling into place, Nora and Harry seem more interwoven than ever before. Fourteen years is a long time to know another person, and even though they've spent most of that time convincing everybody else that they hate each other, there's still that little spark buried deep inside of them that threatens to ignite with each year that passes between them. A story about a girl who likes movies more than she likes people, a boy who holds the world in the palm of his hands, three cities that hold a piece of them captive in the cracks of the pavement, and fourteen years of always being just close enough, but never nearly there. banner credit to the lovely eriza


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fade in...
by shallows