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  • Bonded Tribe
    684 27 1

    Fairy Tail assumed Laxus and Freed were dating. What no one guessed was that it was not just sexual tension between them ... it was the whole team. Written for Kinktober 2019. Foursome with gay Freed, pansexual Laxus, bisexual Bickslow, and kinky virgin dominatrix Evergreen.

  • ~You can count on me~Prinxiety~
    28 2 1

    ART IS NOT MINE!!! This includes Prinxiety, Logicality, and Demus. This is my first ever story so I'm really sorry if it's bad. It will have curse words in it as well. And maybe some depressing stuff. This is also my first ever wattpad story so it will be terrible and I am deeply sorry.

  • Remember Me...
    306 19 7

    Hey! This is my first story here, so it might suck. I don't wanna spoil anything since I just started on it, but here we go. Basically, it's an angel/demon au. Lucy is an angel in heaven, Natsu is a demon in hell. Lucy falls from heaven and Natsu finds her. The rest will be determined in the story. Thanks! *DISCLAIMER...

  • Fight Me, Bite Me
    65.6K 2.2K 61

    Gray has a secret kink for immobilizing people. Natsu is too scared to let himself get intimate with anyone unless he is restrained. When a nightmare brings them together, the two rivals realize that the only partner who could handle their bizarre fetishes... is each other!

  • Dangerous Drugs
    6.3K 276 8

    Natsu gets ambushed, drugged, and beaten badly. When Gray finally rescues him, the dragon slayer is writhing in pain and in need of "release." Gray struggles between helping Natsu purely as a friend and the guilt that this horrific incident is bringing up more than a bond between teammates.

    Completed   Mature
  • 3AM Fire Alarm
    2.2K 106 1

    Someone pulled the fire alarm in Natsu's dorm. It's 3AM on a school night in the middle of winter, but the worst part is the nearly naked sexy guy from down the hall standing right next to him. More than just the building is going to ignite before the smoke clears!

    Completed   Mature
  • Life After Near Death
    111K 5K 57

    Gray nearly dies in battle. Although Natsu saves his life, Gray is left severely handicapped and may never walk again. Now Gray despises Natsu, feeling weak and indebted, while the Dragon Slayer is confused with why he feels possessive over Gray. The team falls apart as both deal with intense feelings of regret, shame...

  • Unforbidden Love
    1K 86 8

    There was a world where Humans and Mermaids lived in sweet harmony. Everything was at peace with the Humans, they lived their lives whilst the Mermaids did too in the Celestial world. Nothing could surely ever go wrong until, the Queen of the Celestial world was found dead by the hands of a Human. The king was shocke...

  • The Burn of Beginning | E.N.D.
    53.8K 1.7K 13

    Natsu is E.N.D. He didn't want them to know. He knew they would fear him. But the time came when the truth had to be revealed. And it was worse than expected. What will happen....... Natsu wished he knew. ~ "Natsu...." Makarov paused, "Left the guild." Shouts of joy rang out in the air. "The demon'...

  • King Dragneel
    11K 206 6

    Natsu is kicked out after a new person joins the guild. Natsu sets off and kills Acnologia.

  • S class task: take care the dragneels
    134K 3.5K 22

    The war is finished but natsu is nowhere to be found. Two weeks later they found him and zeref but they had turn... into kids?!? And the best part is that they can't remember a thing after they parents death. Fairy tail will have to look after them without knowing that natsu and zeref are related. They're lives will c...

  • Our Kittens
    211K 5.7K 17

    What happens when the girls turn into kittens? Who will be their owners? Will love bloom? Well duh! I mean come on! Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, Rowen, and Miraxus.

  • Different Worlds
    10K 284 7

    In the world of Fiore, there are two people in Team Natsu. A blondie named Lucy, and a pinkette named Natsu. The world desires them to separate,((a.k.a: NaLi fans)) which makes them die. One mysterious person helps the two, because that person knows, they were meant to be. The person helps the two by switching them in...

  • Save Us [Nalu][Short Story]✔️
    4.8K 319 7

    [C O M P L E T E D] Natsu hides in his new apartment, hearing through the wall how the woman next door gets beaten by her boyfriend. He watches her through the darkness, thinking she doesn't notice him, but tonight she suddenly speaks to him. She's known all along he's there, and she knows who he is too. Both of th...

    Completed   Mature
  • My little Angel
    125K 2.8K 17

    Lucy gets turned back into a little kid ? What will the gulid do ? Or better yet what will Natsu do? Find out!?!?!?

  • Nalu~ Baby Lucy
    102K 2.4K 10

    Lucy, Natsu, and Happy go out on a mission to stop a magical book from destroying a town. But what happens when Lucy gets hit by one of the books spells, and turns into a BABY!?! What will Natsu do?

  • My Life In Fairy Tail High
    63.9K 1.7K 81

    I was all alone, classified as the class nerd, bullied because I don't dress like everyone else. I have no friends and no one's ever going to help me, they drilled that into my brain well. That's what I thought before I met him that is. (Nalu) Started: June 5, 2017 Finished: August 2nd, 2019

  • Lucky I'm in Love with my Bestfriend {Book 1}
    172K 5.7K 24

    Natsu has been best friends with Lucy since she moved there her freshman year. It's senior year everything was going well until he showed up. The new transfer student Luke showed up and Natsu realized his true feeling for Lucy. Not edited {sept 13 - feb 11} Disclaimer: Characters belong to the writer and creator of Fa...

  • Okay, Master Natsu || NaLu FF ✔️
    280K 8.3K 49

    Natsu is the richest of the country. He rules Dragneel inc. Kind is how he grew up. Cold is what he became. He has his moments, yet one wrong thing could change it. Natsu is feared by people and he likes it that way. In the time where slaves where not forbidden yet, he had some. He decided to buy another slave, that...

  • Friends Like Us
    72.6K 2.1K 32

    lisanna strauss and lucy heartfilia used to be best friends. they did everything together. until, a new kid arrives at the school. his name is natsu dragneel. lisanna does everything to get natsu to be her boyfriend, even if that involves getting lucy suspended. the tables turn with lucy becoming natsu's best friend a...

  • Breaking the Chains || ✓
    146K 3.5K 56

    Natsu Dragneel, one of the richest men in Japan, seeks a PA that doesn't flirt with him. Seeking revenge for the death of his brother. Lucy Heartfilia once part of the richest family in Japan, Lucy's mother died when she was just a child, and ever since that day Lucy's father become depressed resulting in illness then...