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  • Vkook | Text Me
    5.3M 324K 35

    J: thank lord I didn't do crazy shit T: you could've sent dick pics J: what T: what When Taehyung texts a number which was hidden inside his desk (Very short chapters) ©︎all rights and plot to @taetaeholic

  • Baby Daddies
    71.9K 3.3K 20

    Your average college au where a baby is left outside Taehyung and Jungkook's apartment. College life amirite? Includes: Lots of fluff Eomma Jin More fluff Babies uwu Did I mention fluff? Unrequited love A bit more fluff COMPLETED

  • S N A P C H A T • Vkook/Taekook
    695K 30.8K 29

    V has added you! ✔️Added!

  • Next to you (Vkook)
    23.6K 794 5

    This is a sequel to When you're gone. To those who have not read, you can check it out (: Life after graduation, getting back together again. Now they are happily married, adopted two kids, Taekwon & Taeguk. They couldn't be more than happy to have a bright future ahead.

  • C A L L M E || TaeKook/Vkook (Sequel to S N A P C H A T)
    199K 9.9K 54

    Taehyung is calling.... Answer Decline✔️ (sequel to S N A P C H A T) Cover by iyoojung

  • Day and Night ⚣tk [C]
    956K 42.3K 47

    Bully during the day. Slut during the night.

    Completed   Mature
  • Promise | Vkook
    222 14 1

    "Will you be my boyfriend, hyung?" Eight year old Jeongguk asked, presenting forward the flower crown he had got along. "Kookie," Taehyung mumbled, a very visible shade of red having painting it's way on his cheek. "I- I uh-" "Please hyung?" Jeongguk blushes, standing on his tippy toes placing the flower crown on Taeh...

  • Orphan | Vkook
    1.9M 93.9K 14

    " I just want a family.. I don't want to be alone anymore " - Taehyung

  • Mine ♥ (Vkook/Taekook - Werewolf)
    1.7M 90K 33

    The cover(fanart) credit goes to @nonconman . Taehyung has a secret. A secret that can make others take advantage of him. He's one among those rare few. A male Omega. But that's not the only one. He has a blessing and a revenge to fulfill. Jungkook, the illegitimate son of Alpha Park Jinhyung is the top warrior of th...

    Completed   Mature
  • numb •jjk+kth•
    28.5K 1.1K 13

    -Everyone deals with grief differently, it's about who helps you through it - Taekook ♡ Sensitive topics and explicit sexual scenes [Started: 31/01/2018] [Completed: 27/03/2018 ]

    Completed   Mature
  • Dare; Taekook
    2.2M 98.4K 18

    "I choose dare then." "I dare you to kiss me." {An AU where Jungkook and his best friends go on a camping trip and love to play truth or dare, but sometimes it reveals a bit too much.}

  • gay
    2M 71K 15

    "it's not gay if we call it a brojob!" (06/2016-10/2016)

    Completed   Mature
  • twisted ;; kth & jjk
    235K 15.1K 12

    "you know, you won't actually die from that." "you know, nobody fucking asked?" ;; in which taehyung just wants to kill himself & jungkook just wants to have fun.

  • The Name Of The Game || vkook
    423K 17.4K 10

    Taehyung feels neglected by Jungkook when he sees him with Jimin, so with Hoseok's help, he decides to play a dangerous game: making Jungkook jealous. [vkook/taekook] #425 in fanfiction [29 September 2017] = highest rank started: 22 April 2017 finished: 29 September 2017

  • Paradise Madness | Sequel
    797K 25.5K 51

    Sequel to "Finding Love In Paradise"

  • The Twelve Taes Of Christmas || vkook
    95.8K 5.5K 12

    Jungkook hasn't seen Taehyung since they were little, but when he goes to visit his family over winter break, Jungkook begins to see a whole new side of his old friend... 12 new sides, to be exact. [vkook/taekook] started: 01 December 2017 finished: 31 December 2017

  • thieves ;; kth & jjk
    739K 48.3K 28

    "baby boy, we're kings." ;; in which a stealthy criminal meets a seductive thief.

  • Finding Love In Paradise || Vkook
    1.2M 44.3K 25

    BTS go to Hawaii for a fanmeet and 1 month vacation. Will Taehyung and Jungkook be able to confess their true feelings for eachother?

  • The Words Unsaid- (Vkook)
    244K 10.4K 33

    Taehyung and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, when one day, something happens that pushes their relationship to more than just friends. Suddenly, an accident leaves Taehyung in the hospital, breaking Jungkook's heart. Who knows what could happen next? ---- All credit to the owners of the pictures in this st...

  • Hyung || vkook
    345K 13.4K 5

    Taehyung just can't control himself when Jungkook calls him "hyung". [vkook/taekook] started: 12 February 2017 finished: 09 April 2017

  • Teacher's Pet || vkook
    976K 46.9K 13

    Jeon Jungkook is the smartest kid in school, and will do anything to get a good grade. So when he finds out that he's failing math class, he decides to pay a visit to his teacher, Mr. Kim, to see just how far he has to go to get an A. [vkook/taekook] #214 in fanfiction [25 May 2017] = highest rank started: 13 Marc...

    Completed   Mature
  • I just dislike you
    225K 12.1K 34

    "It's quite simple.. I just dislike you, deal with it" In which Taehyung is the schools sweetheart, and Jeongguk is the schools heartthrob, both loved by their school.. Only they dislike each other.

    Completed   Mature
  • Truth; Taekook
    399K 17.2K 15

    {Continuation of Dare} "I choose dare then." "I dare you to kiss me."

  • You're Mine || vkook
    174K 7.9K 10

    " 'Taehyung!' he shouted at the top of his lungs, running as fast as possible towards the entrance of the alley. 'Taehyung, help me!' " [vkook/taekook] started: 30 December 2016 finished: 03 March 2017

  • Lightweight || vkook
    409K 19.9K 11

    All it takes is one drink for Jungkook to transform from the quiet, shy kid to the boldest person alive. And everybody knows it... Except Taehyung. [vkook/taekook] started: 16 April 2017 finished: 15 November 2017

  • twitch & aesthetics ; kth & jjk
    1.2M 76.8K 45

    "you're doing great, honey." "babe, please, stop talking." "wow, yes, sweetie you're working it." "bABE." ;; in which jungkook is a famous live streamer on twitch & meets a cutie that just likes taking pictures on twitter.

  • kumiho ◇ j.jg +
    34.6K 2.1K 9