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  • Den of the snake -
    22.1K 1.4K 30

    "I am the sole survivor of the once feared Uchiha clan, and I am burdened with great purpose. I have brought about the revolution I imagined and now I will see to it, the restoration of the Uchiha in all of it's glory". ◯ 4 years have gone by after the great shinobi world War, everyone lost someone who was close to th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Didnt Expect it - A Zane~Chan Fan Fic
    11.3K 268 22

    Some ships were meant to be but was never expected. ( Cover wasnt made by me Credits to artist. I just added the title thats all I have to do with the cover )

  • My Heart Is Yours | A Zane~Chan Story | ✔
    25.6K 578 29

    [[BOOK #1]] [[COMPLETED]] [[THIS IS GOD AWFUL I MADE IT IN 2017]] [[Cover Credits to: chocoholic_otaku]] Zane thinks Kawaii~Chan is annoying, She's nosy, Curious, Yet.. Cute.. What happens when Kawaii~Chan asks Zane to be her friend? Well, lets just say, she finds out there's a lot more to Zane than she thought..

  • zane chan lemons story
    9.1K 34 4

    sorry if lemon bad

  • A Strange Love
    7.9K 315 10

    Kawaii-chan and Zane have known each other since freshman year in Phoenix drop high but they never really talked. Now that they are juniors, they were paired up as partners in witchcraft class for the rest of the school year. Two different personalities clashed together for the very first time and became close friends...

  • Cupcakes and Cherry Blossoms
    23.2K 755 19

    "How could she ever have a trusting relationship if the first thing she told anyone was a lie?" . Zane x Kawaii~Chan Please be ready for an emotional rollercoaster. Ignore how bad the first five chapters are. AU where their houses didn't get demolished after LLP

  • Unfortunate Roomates (Zane~Chan)
    50K 1.4K 15

    Due to breaking the no pets rule of her apartment complex, Kawaii~Chan's forced to be evicted out of her place, and with no where else to go. That is until a friend of a friend offers to give a her place temporarily stay. Who knew how unfortunate it'd be for the both of them?

  • My Heartbeat (ZaneChan FanFic)
    34.6K 719 25

    I do not own these characters the credit belongs to Aphmau If your not a zanechan shipper sorry i'm NOT SORRY. Was made in 2015

  • A ZaneChan Story *Complete*
    25.6K 576 37

    A ZaneChan Story *Under Construction and Editing*

  • The Fairy's Hunter (A Zanechan Fanfic..kinda)
    22.6K 765 39

    This is a FanFic about a hunter (Zane), he hunts fairies. Then there's Kawaii~chan, she's a fairy who loves to explore. Things happen when they cross paths.

  • ~The Dinner~
    1K 44 9

    When kawaii chan, Zane and the rest of gang have a slumber party a simple game of truth or dare has a big impact...

    1.2K 28 10


  • ppgzrrbz bloody love
    20.7K 551 28

    it's a story about the ppgz and rrbz in a monster world the puffs are fairies an the ruffs vampires I've written this a long time ago but never posted it I hope you all enjoy❤️💙💚

  • The Nerd and The Popular (Discontinued)
    3.7K 238 15

    Zane Ro'meave is the biggest nerd at Phoenix Drop High. Kawaii chan is the most popular girl. These two different people are destined to cross paths. What will happen? Will they end up falling for each other? A Zane Chan fanfiction P.S. this story is an AU (Alternate Universe) All characters belo...

  • Zane~chan begins
    42.6K 681 15

    In the fall Kawaii-chan has to go sell her sweets with Aphmau.And so when Kawaii-chan was doing that Zane wants the cupcakes and once Kawaii-chan asked his name and looked up her heart pounded ,she has never had that feeling before...

  • Zane~Chan/Zana
    15.4K 290 14

    Zane and Kawaii chan are happily enjoying their paradise at Starlight. Their dates have been going well and they haven't told anyone about them dating except Aphmau and Aaron. What will happen if someone, unexpected shows up? ( I will make my own cover soon just wait XD )

  • I promise (zane~chan fan fic)
    30.9K 479 23

    Sometimes we become blind to the true nature of the world..... We think we are safe... We believe we need nothing to survive. This is a story about a man who is alone, who believes he's better off without anyone. Then a woman who allows other to be in her life, but can be blind to the true nature of some people.... Wh...

  • Zane~Chan
    11K 236 13

    All I have to say is that there will be craziness between the twoX3

  • Zane~Chan
    1.4K 43 20

    Ever since he first kissed her he knew he loved her...and she loved him..but neither of them knew... This story starts in Season 1

  • Zane~Chan: Seprated
    19.3K 486 45

    Kawaii~Chan is a very famous teen singer. She decides to take a break from her career and head back to her old school, Phoenix Drop High. Everything has changed since last time she's been there. Before she was famous, she was quite and shy but now everyone knows her name. Kawaii~Chan sometimes gets overwhelmed by her...

  • A Diary to My Love (Zane~Chan)
    3.1K 112 19

    Kawaii~Chan (aka Nana) started a Diary in Highschool. At first she just did a diary but soon she saw Aaron looked at Aphmau with loving eyes so then instead of doing "Dear Diary" at the top. She put her crush name at the top. She put who she had a really big crush on who she thought she'll never have a chance with."De...

  • The true love! Zane~chan
    5.2K 115 30

    This is just a fan fiction about Zane chan. Hope you enjoy!!! (COMPLETE)

  • Zane~chan
    1.2K 52 24

    after when Garroth looked into Aarons eyes he became hurt zane and everyone was worried he would die but then he became somthing and zane and kawaii~Chan became somthing to they will be meeting enemy's, drama, romance, and.......death

  • I Love You - A Zane~Chan Story
    11.1K 288 22

    There will be a point in time where nothing seems normal. But in reality, there is no such thing as normal. This is the story about two lovers who thought their lives would be perfect. Until one fateful day... "I love you," were the words that changed everything Huge HUGE THANK YOU to @SavyChan1 for drawing the cover...

  • Unlikely | Zane~Chan AU ✔️
    54K 1.4K 35

    *unedited* Kawaii~Chan didn't expect much of her senior year at Phoenix Drop High. She was made fun of for her nice personality and had little to no friends. When she was paired up with Zane Ro'maeve for the year she didn't know what to expect. When Zane was paired with a strange looking girl named Kawaii~Chan Shapann...

  • Aphmau- Camp Zane~Chan
    8.4K 255 18

    Aphmau and the gang are going to camp. Aphmau makes her friends roommates with whoever she ships them with. Zane thinks he's gonna get lucky and get his own room- he doesn't expect it'd be possible for HIM to be shipped with and well, boy was he wrong. CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE! Other ships included. P.S. COVER AR...

  • Zane~chan: Everyone needs a friend ☑️
    6K 176 23

    My first fanfiction! Don't hate me if it's bad please... Anyway on with the description: (Book one of the Freind series.) "Hey Zane." Aphmau said as we lounged on her couch "hmmmm?" I said continuing to look at the phone "you need friends!" She said "uhhh no i don't!" I said with obvious discomfort "yeah you do!" She...

  • Zane~chan season 1
    10.5K 134 32

    I have always wanted to make this book and now I finally can so I hope you enjoy and also this is a Zane X kawaii~chan fanfic from aphmau.

  • Black Hearts With Pink Ones { A ZaneChan fan fiction }
    31.5K 877 24

    ~~~ Get ready for the hardest cringing of your life ~~~ Lucinda, as always, makes potions. Sometimes they work and make good things happen. Or they turn out drastically wrong. But when she ends up making a meif'wa potion instead of a love potion for Aphmau, how will things turn out? ~~~ All characters belong to Aphmau...

  • Zane~Chan's Paradise of Love (Book 1) [Slowly revising]
    108K 2.5K 40

    Story Of Zane and Kawaii Chan. It all started when we first came in Love Love Paradise. "Ancient legend has it, that any couple who visits this resort, and manages to have a great time,will end up together" Lucinda said Well now I know that Aphmau will have a great time. There's a high possibility that Travi...