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  • Our Eyes... (TomTord)
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    (This is based off of a dream I had!) (Also this is more of like magical powers and things like that-) If you have green eyes you're normal If you have brown eyes you're a wolf If you have blue eyes you're a witch/wizard But if you have silver eyes... you're hunted... Silver Eyes were known to not exist anymore and so...

  • Red Leaders Lover(TordTom/TomTord)
    71.2K 1.7K 17

    A/N Oki so this Gon be cliche but I don't care :P. This story will update late and slow because of My Highschool Sweetheart but if your patient you'll love it~ so just wait child! Actually description-- Tom and his friends have had a relatively nice life since the huge robot incident. Matt became smarter and stopped u...

  • My dump all story.
    29.8K 325 13

    First, NO bottom Tord, I personally hate it. Second, Request, please I have no ideas! ;-; (I credit the cover artist, but I have no idea who they are!) Third, Tom will be Submissive (bottom) in all of these stories. Fourth, SLOW ASS UPDATES!!!!

    16.3K 522 5

    two best friends, deeply in love with each other. They've been dating since middle school, during their junior year of high school Tord had to move away. They planned to be a long distance relationship till they began to slip away from each other, emotions becoming bland and old. They break up, they stop talking for y...

  • You Weren't There| TomTord
    25.9K 785 11

    Takes after end| Tords depressed, he's changed. Tords been doing some crap and seeing things, he's always having nightmares that haunt him. So one day Tord finally tries to go find the gang and apologize to them, but he's to scared to confront Tom. What if he chose the wrong time to apologize, what will happen next?|W...

  • 🌹°•Love hurts°•🌹//Tom x Hanahaki diesease!Tord//
    33.2K 1.1K 10

    "The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals" Tord loves Tom Tord knows that Tom doesnt love him back. or does h...

  • Sin first, Regret later (TomTord SMUT)
    12.5K 213 2

    Tord's plan failed. But really, Tom cares about him. In the asylum infirmary ready to be caged up for the rest of his life, Tom catches him on a suicide attempt and tries to sneak him out, but in the middle of that act things get a bit more... sinful. (Top!Tom x Bottom!Tord) !!WARNING!! This is a SMUT, so that means s...

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  • death hotline (tomtord)
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    tom deems his life is at an end, but is still hopeful. he turns to the suicide hotline for help, but accidently falls in love with the hotliner. does the hotliner feel the same way? fabulous art by scaeryy on instagram. suicidal!tom x tord

  • TordTom Oneshots
    7.7K 94 28

    Bruh, why is everyone reading this??

  • Only For 2 Weeks~tomtord
    103K 1.9K 13

    Read to find out!

  • A broken mind.. (tomtord)
    50.1K 1.6K 18

    After The End, Tord went into a deep depression, and is suicidal... He lived on the streets due to the red army disowning him, and pushing him away, due to his failure. His right arm was messed up in the explosion and is now a red, metal, robotic arm. He was walking through the streets with his hood up, trying to see...

  • Don't say a word (TomTord Highschool AU)
    71.8K 3K 41

    Tord moved all the way from Norway to start a new life. Kids in his old school were bullying him so his parents, Paul and Patryck decided to help him. Tord was still getting picked on and bullied though. Even in his new school. But he couldn't do anything about it since they were making fun of something he couldn't fi...

  • UnHealthy...(TomTord)
    56.8K 2.5K 25

    (This is kind of like Harley Quinn and Joker...Moving on) (Insane Asylum AU) Mr.Rocklynn is a Therapist for the Psycho's in the Insane Asylum in America...One day Mr.Rocklynn was assigned a Psychopath named Tord Clain...As they both take a seat...Its like a connection was made...

  • Blame It On The Night |Book 1 Of TomTord Drama COMPLETED|
    5.4K 138 6

    Bottom Tord sue me! *** Tom would never admit it, but without Tord, his life was boring. But after 10 years, his old friend desires to visit him. *** I suggest reading my book before this so you won't be that confused. It's in my other account.

  • Blame It On The Night ¦Book 1 Of TomTord Drama¦
    42.1K 1.3K 15

    Ever since Tord left, Tom's life has been boring. Without that damn commie always arguing with him and Tom always teasing him on how short the red hood was. But when a certain communist decides to visit an 'old friend' Tom doesn't know what to make of it. *** Yeah, this takes place AFTER the end and it's going to be...

  • In Love With a Killer (ThomXTodd)
    26.1K 1.1K 12

    Sheriff Thomas Thompson has never been the one for love and settling down. Married to his job, he is one of the most well known bachelors in Spitbucket. When a new stranger comes into town as a bartender - Thompson pays no mind. That is... until the stranger becomes a thought that takes up most of his mind. Falling de...

  • Forgiven War(editing)
    90.6K 3.4K 13

    (Futrue Tomtord) Red Leader, Tord, Is the leader of an army known as The Red Army. In the Red Army history he's the most powerful leader yet. Thomas, Tom, is the second in charge of the army and gets to work along side with the Leader which is an Honor. To Tom it wasn't. Tord treated him like his schedule worker and m...

  • ~Forever Rivals~, (TordTom)(HIATUS)
    31.4K 980 22

    ~HIATUS~ Basiclly Tom and Tord hate each other and then one of them develops feelings for the other he won't say it though and leaves and creates his army and soon forces Tom to work with him maybe some smut Maybe! There will be no MattEdd! Sorry., Cover art ain't mine. And I don't Own Eddsworld, all rights of Eddswor...

  • Be Mine Forever
    35.8K 1.3K 25

    /!!CRINGE!!/ ThErES No LOgIc HErE bEcAuS E iM A dUmB bIsH ,, ALso WatCh OUt CauSe ThIs AiNT A sInGle ShiP GeeZ,chill out people Cover art by : @Sweetlytreats101 💕💕

    Completed   Mature
  • the body guard and the leader(tomtord future au)
    105K 2.9K 26

    WARNING this will have mature content abuse etc its a dark time the red army took over and tom thought tord was dead but in reality he survived how did tom figure out well tord or red leader walked up to him and forced him into the army to be tord's private body guard tom who was overwhelmed that he thought he murder...

  • Find Me [Completed]
    54.3K 2.8K 42

    A TomTord/EddMatt fanfic, and the sequel to my other fanfic, "Glasses"! ⚠️ WARNINGS: Smut, Gore, Strong Language, Lime, Heavy Topics (Suicide, Depression, Abuse). (Cover made by yours truly~)

  • Father~Figure
    58.1K 2.4K 26

    This is a Dad AU,Obviously its TomTord...Enjoy~

  • Commie bastard. (Red leader Tord X Tom)(Discontinued.)
    42.3K 907 9

    !!MAY OR MAY NOT FINISH BUT IF YOU GIVE FEED BACK MOST LIKELY WILL FINISH!! - Contains: Blood , violence , mostly likely r18 and also rape. (And some other stuff. So if you get offended don't read.)

    Completed   Mature
  • [Eddsworld AU] Blessworld Story [ENG/TH]
    80K 2K 5

    yES it'S mE, siLk i have decide to write the story of this AU along with my brother bad grammar warning oof- btw there's no shipping in this AU but you can ship whatever you want-- *All event,character and place just a fiction* Eddsworld belong to Edd Gould Blessworld Au belong to me

  • Eddmatt and TomTord oneshots
    55K 1.4K 28

    {Finished} One shots of EddMatt and TomTord Warning: some stories that were supposed to have a part 2, never had one. Please forgive me. This is based off the characters of EddsWorld not the real life people themselves. I did not draw the cover, if the artist would like me to remove the cover and put up a new one, ple...

  • Habits - Tom x Tord [Eddsworld]
    10.4K 276 3

    A night of Tom's usual hard drinking and a sudden visit from Tord sends the two into a spiral of a love-hate relationship. #TORDISTOPTOMISBOTTOM #SORRYNOTSORRY / Literate short story, there IS gay 'love-making' in it so read at your own risk / / Strong language / / Matt, Edd, Tord & Tom are all around 19-22 years of...

  • The Red Army- Tomtord
    50K 1.8K 18

    In an alternate universe where Edd, Matt and Tom are friends, but they don't know Tord. They accidentally stumble across the Red Army base and end up working there. Wow. I know this is a terrible description, leave me alone. Eddsworld obviously doesn't belong to me and neither do the characters, the cover art was made...

  • So-So Suicide {TomTord} {mpreg}
    9.1K 240 13

    There will be a cross over of Ellsworld (genderbent version of Eddsworld) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- self harm warning (a little, not every other word so, you're safe) Suicidal Tom x Tord ...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Highschool Sweetheart (TordTom)
    49K 1.6K 23

    (highschool AU) Tords POV me and my dad's have just moved to England from Norway since I was given a scholarship at a school here for gifted children. yeah right. I was just the smartest kid there and they didn't have any lessons I couldn't struggle with. so they sent me here. Assholes. we also came because of bullie...

  • Get Used To It ( Tomtord / Tordtom )
    12.1K 370 22

    This is a tomtord/tordtom story.. this is also my first story.sorry for the wrong grammars on this and typos Tom was having a bad day when suddenly the red army invaded England.Tord the Redleader wants Tom to be on his army and surprisingly Tom agreed. What will happen between the two? Will there be hate? or love Will...