Red Leaders Lover(T...
By TheDeadKitKat
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A/N Oki so this Gon be cliche but I don't care :P. This story will update late and slow because of My Highschool Sweetheart but if your patient you'll love it~ so just wait child! Actually description-- Tom and his friends have had a relatively nice life since the huge robot incident. Matt became smarter and stopped using the memory gun! He even started dating Edd! One very smart move ;3 Tom? Oh he's stuck as a lonely person playing his bass. He likes it. He gets hit on alot for his looks. He's nice looking. Average you could say. Hot even. And he gets asked out all the time. Only to say no. Now one day the three friends sit on the couch watching TV as they see a breaking news broadcast appear. "London is under attack by the Red Army soldiers! Lock everything in your house and whatever you do don't go outside!" She yells before the power cuts off and sirens go on.

The Day

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Red Leade...
by TheDeadKitKat