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  • Author Games: Sunlit Seas
    5K 416 65

    In an alternate reality set in the year 2024, the world's greatest scientific minds the world have gathered on the Sunlit Mariner for the 10th annual Consumer Technology Show where thousands of people come to witness life-changing discoveries. However, what was supposed to be a night of research and innovation, free f...

  • The Fifth Annual Writer Games: The Fall
    8.9K 724 74

    In the past, war, famine, and death defined Panem. It defined the citizens. The Hunger Games united all in the power of penance and brought forth goodwill and charity. However, power is a fickle thing, systems are easily tipped until they reach the point of no return. Whether one year, ten, or seventy five... It is on...

  • Author Games: The Forgotten
    2.4K 167 30

    Twelve ghostly souls strike a deal with Death and compete for the chance to turn back the clock, save their lives, and change the course of the future forever... (^._.^)

  • Author Games: Hotel
    5.1K 504 69

    What once was a bustling establishment built up in an age of industry has come crumbling down. The Hotel Rosette has gone quiet, rooms left empty and abandoned aside from short check-ins and dwindling staff. But is the lack of guests due to a changing world outside or changing hallways inside, disappearing rooms, and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Author Games: Corvus
    7.2K 619 80

    Regardless of allegiance, they live among the shadows, peering up through dirt and bark, through the eyes of a familiar, through their own deft hands, whether it be with witchcraft or the knocking of an arrow in the crossbow. They live quiet lives apart from one another, but when thrown in the same pool, they clash i...

  • Author Games: One-Shot, One Kill
    4K 402 51

    Come one, come all, authors of Wattpad! Here your short story skills will go head to head against some of the most talented authors across the site, testing your mettle in six rounds of one-shots. Is your creativity up to the task of vanquishing your opponent each round? Or will you fall into inglorious defeat? Only...

  • Author Games: Atlas 01
    2.4K 302 28

    An Author Games tournament, ten writers are pitted up against each other and faced with tasks that challenge their technical ability, emotional representation, and creative skills. Each week a new task is created and participants are eliminated until a lone winner remains. "By the year 2050, Earth discovered a unity o...

  • Author Games: Red Room
    6K 677 72

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    Completed   Mature
  • Author Games: Who Pairs Wins
    632 58 6

    ShadesOfBlood are back - and they're getting competitive! Cover by @MagmaKepner - thanks Maggie!

  • Get Your Competition Seen: A Gamemaker's Guide
    44 11 1

    You're hosting a competition, you've deliberated for years over a theme, imagined every transgression and drafted up rules against them, and written all your prompts. Everything is perfect, so you open it up for applications and... nobody joins. We've all been there, and now we want to help. Welcome to the world of ad...

  • The Fourth Annual Writer Games: Canon
    9.1K 522 86

    Welcome to the 51st Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. After the stunning display of creativity, brutality, and arrogance of last year's Quarter Quell, the Capitol has its work cut out for it. --- It's time to revive some good, old-fashioned, canonically-based Writer Games.

  • Author Games: Breath of Life
    10.5K 929 80

    Fresh blood is so overrated

  • Author Games: Broken Crowns
    14.9K 1.3K 106

    ❝I'll never wear your broken crown.❞ Of silver kings and bronze queens, of wrought-iron princes and quartz princesses, there comes a downfall of the monarchy, where the next in-line questions the grace of power, of controlling the behaviors of others, and every heir refuses to be the chosen one. They will sit upon t...

  • Author Games: Empty Night
    6.6K 403 79

    Human or Other? Politics among the various supernatural denizens of Chicago is a messy affair at best; between attending to intra-faction power plays, territorial squabbles, and (most importantly) concealing their very existence from the humans upon whom they feed. On a good day, the state of affairs is volatile. Thi...

  • Author Games: A Prince's War
    8.9K 713 83

    When you kill a king, what remains? A kingdom in chaos and a prince unprepared to rule. When you kill a queen, what remains? A new enemy lurking just across the sea, growing closer with every breath.

  • Author Games: Febris
    5.8K 561 70

    Fever is coming. Fever is in your world. In your countries. In your cities. In your neighborhoods. In your hospitals, in your homes. Fever is here. And it is taking to a new host every second, with every sniff of humanity and every lunge to destroy the very scent it detects. It travels with every breath, every touch...

  • Unwritten
    3.6K 378 51

    For all who come to Ariston's Writers Resort, relief, happiness, joy, and promise for days filled with just writing, will be their ultimate experience. Come one and come all, the island will be their newest, and happiest, vacation destination.

  • Author Games: The Absent Empress
    8.8K 652 77

    A year has gone by since Miguel Santos died leading the Sentries, and Sakura Sato has her work cut out for her. As the new host for the demon and angel who gave Miguel his superhuman might, she's now the World's Mightiest Hero- whether she likes it or not. If there's one thing she's learned from her time in the...

  • Author Games: Murder & Margaritas
    4.9K 525 43

    Hey, there. Welcome to Villa Katsura! Here you'll find yourself some mountainous landscape, a few lush forests, and my old man's mansion. Make yourself at home. Help yourself to the fridge. Oh, and, remember to get yourself a martini. Bar's over there. Tonight's gonna be killer-you're gonna need it.

  • Author Games: Reincarnation
    6.8K 490 59

    Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die.

  • Author Games: Ascend
    9.3K 1.1K 77

    Nothing else known to the citizens of Panem can quite align with the horrors one can face within these arenas. Each year it changes, each year it's something new, and the Capitol can't get enough. Thousands of tributes have fallen before today, and maybe thousands yet are to follow. But who can resist the smallest cha...

  • Author Games: Panem Entangled
    7.5K 443 58

    Panem Entangled takes place in the classic Hunger Games world, throwing twenty-six lucky tributes into an arena with a quantum twist. Each task incorporates a quantum concept as tributes are bounced between a multitude of universes and teleportation is used to bring a number of unique, new challenges to the table. Wit...

  • Author Games: Smoke & Mirrors
    7.5K 861 86

    In which smoke shrouds sense, and mirrors make a marvel out of you. A simple show, they say, you see; a magician's ploy, a dove not free. Here, in that little worn tent, you are the dove, plucked clean and beastly. ~ This is an Author Games that takes place in the modern day, dealing with the cunning of magicians and...

  • Author Games: Circle
    7.9K 743 68

    Choices. They dictate the path of life we lead; every decision, every compromise, every battle - won or lost - changes the course. The question becomes: have you made enough of the right choices? Do you deserve to be saved? And when forced to have your life judged by strangers, will you be proud of your decisions? Co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Author Games: Golden Age
    2K 154 34

    The children are ready. Their minds have been wiped blank, as have their parents' minds; they're each ready for their own new worlds, leaving this one behind. They'll travel into the past on a mission they should never know they've been sent on-to uncover our history. To explore the universe of the past. To find a pla...

  • Author Games: The Price of Power
    15.2K 1.2K 87

    Superhuman (noun): A man born of a falling star. A flash of blue rained upon the earth in the year 2015, giving birth to a new race-a generation of humans with incredible powers gifted by light. They made themselves heroes and villains, once-fictional phenomena leaping off the page. In the beginning, they were met...

  • Author Games: Insomnia (Broken Crowns #4)
    10.6K 825 75

    You are plagued with wakefulness the moment your name is pulled from that glass bowl. Your eyes are forbidden to close, and you are condemned from rest. But why? Why might this be? It is due to the simple fact that there is no rest for the wicked. ~Co-hosted with Moon, aka, @LightOfTheMooneh~ In the 118...

  • Author Games: Path of the Guildpact
    10.3K 924 78

    On the city-world of Ravnica, things are often beautiful but rarely quiet. Magic pervades every aspect of life; a wide variety of beings walk the crowded streets, and countless wonders and horrors alike are hidden from all but the canniest denizens. For over ten thousand years the power in Ravnica has been di...

  • Author Games: Victors Of The Arena
    14.3K 1K 89

    A Victor never truly dies. They live on in memory, in spirit, in history books that will be studied by thousands of people to come. A Victor is a symbol of power, of strength, wealth, and sometimes even weakness. Victors come in all shapes and sizes, some appearing from the most unlikely of places. In these games...

  • Author Games: The Art of War
    14.6K 1.3K 81

    The United Sectors of Argyris was a masterpiece. Home to people from all walks of life, the nation was divided into eleven sectors. Each was named after a colour on the spectrum and was the central of a different area of profession. Much like the colours that stood for them, its people led vibrant lives surrounded by...