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On the city-world of Ravnica, things are often beautiful but rarely quiet. Magic pervades every aspect of life; a wide variety of beings walk the crowded streets, and countless wonders and horrors alike are hidden from all but the canniest denizens. For over ten thousand years the power in Ravnica has been divided among the ten magical guilds; they act as the controlling bodies for different aspects of life. Their conduct, however, is regulated by the Guildpact, a single individual with control of the magical document codifying each guild's domain of influence. The Guildpact is responsible for maintaining balance, and they are at least in theory totally neutral to ensure their judgements are based solely on the Pact proper. "In theory" is, of course, the operative phrase. When Guildpact Jace dies prematurely under "mysterious circumstances," the ten guilds are eager to put forward their own candidates for the next keeper of the balance. These candidates would totally, definitely not be biased towards their guild of origin in any way. Fortunately, to get the approval of the other guilds, each candidate must prove themselves to be exactly that. And earning approval in the eyes of Ravnica's mightiest may just mean sacrificing all they hold dear. Don't miss out on Wattpad's first Games based on Magic: The Gathering! When magic and political intrigue come together, a single choice may be the difference between glory and doom.

Senate Bylaws

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