Author Games: Ascend
By HeadOnJackwards
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Nothing else known to the citizens of Panem can quite align with the horrors one can face within these arenas. Each year it changes, each year it's something new, and the Capitol can't get enough. Thousands of tributes have fallen before today, and maybe thousands yet are to follow. But who can resist the smallest chance that you, a tribute, may yet just survive? Who could pass up the chance to ascend to the roar of a nation as a golden crown is placed upon your head... Sure you can try. But some even say the victors never really win. No, to them the games are like a nightmare, reincarnated as an ever following beast that you cannot tame. They say that this is much worse than the games themselves... but now imagine if that beast and the games collide and as a tribute you're being hunted by so much more than fellow tributes... now imagine that you cannot run, and that you have nowhere left to hide. Let the Hunger Games, begin.

Welcome to Ascension

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