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  • When Lightning Strikes
    185K 9.7K 36

    In a city full of villains, would you dare to be the hero? In Lincoln Grove, there hasn't been a hero in 12 years. Villains run rampant through the streets. The biggest question on everyone's mind is where is Titania, the heroic super that took down Steel Hawk years ago? Della waits for someone else to step up to the...

  • Once a Legend
    1.1M 69.6K 69

    | BOOK 1 OF THE MAX DESTIN SERIES | Max Destin is a legend. In a world of espionage, intelligence agencies, gangs, smugglers, mercenaries, and thieves, nothing is ever certain. Power can shift in the blink of an eye, a wad of cash can turn a friend to a foe, and justice does not always come to fruition. It's a world...

  • Dark Magic and the Forgotten Memories (Book 1 of the Shadow Chronicles)
    421K 24.8K 53

    Highest Ranking in Fantasy: #1 A boy wakes up on a shore wounded, with no recollection of his past. Left with little options he heads recklessly into a village, working for the Shadow King, the self-declared ruler of Astrania. And that's where it all begins. . . The adventures he goes through, the hardships he faces...

  • SPIRITBORNE | Book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt]
    110K 5K 20

    The rift between man and beast is growing deeper. Skye's ancestors were brought to life by an ancient spirit under the light of a blood moon. Her father commands a legion of vengeful shapeshifters, the Lìog Airgid, in their fight against an entity that seeks to eliminate them from the face of the earth. As time grow...

  • Stranded - A Pirate's Tale - part 1
    52.3K 3.7K 61

    There is nothing worse for a pirate than dying on dry land. Except, maybe, swinging two feet above it. When their captain is imprisoned, facing the gallows, the men and women of the Lady Lesya's crew will try everything to break him out--even if it means fighting guards in ridiculous uniforms, bargaining with overwei...

  • The 6 Greatest Errors of All Time | ✓
    252K 15.9K 38

    ━ Highest Rank #1 in Action 03.12.19 Welcome to the underground business. Where the tainted stay tainted and the pure turn stained. Where allies are rare and enemies rack every agenda. The public are kept blind and dumb to international issues, and that's why one group in particular, have been selected and garnered to...

  • The Shadow Circle
    470K 29.5K 44

    Highest rank: #1 in Action, #13 in Humor LET'S PLAY A GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH AK-47s! Brat, lazy, smartass, troublemaker call her whatever you want, one thing's for certain. Eighteen year old Kestrel Seran is a magnet for trouble. But when her sister goes missing somewhere in the Himalayan mountains, Kes will...

  • Cardinal Sky
    168K 15K 82

    She is an infamous killer. He is a principled rebel. Both have secrets. Both are hunted. Together they can alter the fate of the world. EARTH HAS FALLEN. Surviving the end of the world is harder for nineteen-year-old Sky than most. Why? Because by a freak genetic accident she resembles the alien invaders. After years...

  • The Fight For Love | Rewritten Version ✎
    27.7M 162K 26

    #1 in Teen Fiction, Action, & New Adult ❤︎ ❝Sometimes falling for the enemy is inevitable❞ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ After being betrayed by her only friend, Anastasia Martinez Stone gets thrown into a dangerous world full of fighting, racing, drugs, pain, and death. The Royal Reapers is the strongest gang in The Underworld, a place o...

  • We Survivors [Original Draft]
    1.4M 4K 5

    [✓Completed] After disease and nuclear warfare decimate the world population, 17-year-old Nadia is sure she's the last person left on Earth. Then one night, she hears a voice on her radio and everything changes. But as she and her new-found companions unravel the mysteries surrounding their survival, they soon realize...

  • Bereft: Demise (Book 2, the Bereft Series)
    1.5M 129K 84

    "All villains believe themselves the heroes of their tales. You are no different, Sara Gaspard." Sara and Pride escaped Verweald's dangerous streets, but their quest to kill the Sin of Envy has just begun. In search of a way to end the immortal creature's life, Pride and the dying woman find refuge in the ma...

  • The Beauty And The Heist
    2.2M 97.5K 46

    Highest Rank #1 in Action 14/6/16 Chevron Raynes 'accidentally' hacks into her college mainframe and finds blueprints to a billion dollar satellite belonging to none other than the Mafia. As if that wasn't bad enough, when the blueprints and a certain Professor go missing, Chevron is thrown under the Mafia's radar. So...

  • Coral and Bone || Book One
    1.2M 61.5K 44

    Watty Award Winner ~ COMPLETED ~ She tried to tame the sparks that drove her to destroy things. Halen's fought her whole life to hide her secret. But when she returns to the place where her father drowned, her turbulent emotions set her on a collision course with darkness. Faced with the threat of those who want to d...

  • Glitches (Book 1)
    224K 20.7K 64

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. SOON TO BE PUBLISHED BY THE POLYETHNIC PUBLISHING. Your parents don't exist. Your friends don't exist. Your school doesn't exist. Your life doesn't exist. They are all just computer codes, and you're the glitch. You're the reason they were all created. But their life span is short, and s...

  • Infinite (Unedited)
    343K 20.9K 56

    (#1 in superhuman, #1 in SciFi) What if you had the chance to be super human? Or the chance to be immortal? Aria Parker gets that chance. She's chosen for a competition to compete for "The abilities" And for the chance to become immortal. Can a sixteen year old girl really beat 400 other teenagers? {Chosen by Watty w...

  • Nerina [eShort Series]
    169K 9.3K 51

    Being stuck forever in the body of a teenager was only one of Nerina's problems. Having a psychopath as her sire was a much bigger issue. She thought she had escaped only to be drawn back into their twisted relationship marked by death. Running away from her past soon turns into her trying to run away from herself. In...

  • Harbinger's Child (A Literary Space Sci-fi) #Wattys2016
    8.5K 314 10

    After decades of struggling, the broken remnants of humanity barely escape on the last starship from a cataclysmic otherworldly threat and wanders in the darkness of space for blind hope and a desolate future. They eventually find themselves on a journey and a fight for ancient wisdom, long forgotten civilizations an...

  • Pure Magic (Ballad of the Seer, Book One)
    40.8K 1.9K 36

    [COMPLETED] For years Lily Bishop has known that she was special: a seer, gifted with the power to read minds, sense emotions, and even have premonitory visions. Lily tries her best to navigate high school, while keeping her powers a secret. Not easy! But her life gets turned upside down by the arrival of a mysterious...

  • The Chosen one
    120K 6.7K 56

    Highest ranking :- # 2 Fantasy (9/05/16) "Now please tell me the truth. Tell me who I am." I asked. He put those bags on one corner of the room and sat near to me. I could see tension building up on his face. He Begin, "You are a part of a prophecy. According to it, whenever a demon would rise from the underworld, a...

  • BORDER OF THE SUN [Featured]
    87.1K 6.1K 58

    [FEATURED STORY] Complete and uncut! ===Synopsis inside === [I] should go to bed... But I can't!! Must Read!!! :- Bxtchystyles Great writing. I feel like watching a motion picture while reading it: You see camera angle and view span, lighting, zooming... it's so visual: -KhacUyen I love love love the plot ideas, plu...

  • OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s daughter ((1))
    253K 6.3K 28

    [Book #1 of Stark's Assassin Daughter] This is no common Tony Stark's daughter book you've ever read. This is not about a genius daughter following her father's ability. This is about Hermione - or her real name is Helen. She's an assassin. She chose to be one. Why? Because she wants a revenge. On whom? Tony Stark, wh...

  • Dead Suitors Tell No Tales
    21.3K 1.5K 11

    There are secrets hidden deep within the walls of Sagewick Castle. Crown Princess Amarantha has an unusual pastime that she will do anything to keep hidden. She walks a fine line between breaking the law and acting like the perfect lady. If she is found out, her life is over. Wanted criminal Daxton Grove is in the roy...

  • Starry Days & Sunlit Nights: Volume 1 - Reluctant Blaze
    46.1K 2.1K 55

    [Please support us on Patreon at ( or buy the eBooks from Blurb or Amazon Kindle to read the story in full!] In this world, there are two sides to everything: good and evil, love and hate, fear and courage, day and night. In Liberta City, a place of promise and freedom...

  • Run
    16.3K 660 29

    Two experiments. Experiments 426 and 782. Two individuals. A boy and a girl. One goal. Freedom. In the world us humans live in, humans are born, not controlled. But that is not the case in where they live in. They live in a world parallel to ours, where everyone is data and are all controlled by the Data Tree. One da...

  • Gasping Olympics
    72.4K 2.3K 28

    "One extreme sport with science in flavor." Highest Rank Sci-Fi category #11 (09 Nov 2015) When earth's atmosphere became heavily toxic for all forms of life, the forefathers designed and built an avant-garde, subterranean community that they named Pangaea. In the roof-shelves of Pangaea, thousands of ADGen Plant (Air...

  • Crossing Illusion: Reflection (Book 1) #Wattys2017
    22.6K 912 57

    When night falls, they wake up upon the world as sunlight dies. The vengeful one curses the land for decades, and also for decades, lineage of humanity fights them with bravery. A distant tales of the past that passed down in many legends.. The stories revolve around Noir and Almerich, units of the Special Police De...

  • Saving Eric
    1.6K 65 18

    The year is 2038, the world is a very different place than what it used to be. For months, the world has been plagued by natural disasters. This has resulted in a mass extinction of every creature living on the Earth. The human race has been cut down in size, only ¼ of the original population now remain. In this world...

  • Swords of the Secret Son
    5.2K 681 28

    Being a member of the sixth region elves, Jay has grown up always in touch with the natural world. Life. Death. The in between. But what she desires most is to know what happens after death. What happens to the Departed? Following the death of her twin brother Clarence, Jay vows to explore all seven realms of Whitewoo...

  • Starless [#Wattys2015]
    13.8K 945 34

    New face. New life. New chance. Avalon Crane had everything. Beauty, riches, power. A princess in her own right. Until her mysterious death. Ever Fonfain has known nothing but abandonment, slums and prostitution. Forced to sell her body on the streets, unlikely events lead her to a new technology, dubbed the Gemini E...

  • The Attache Case (On Hold)
    4K 1.2K 16

    If someone told me that I would be on the run together with the detective, a professional killer, thief and a prostitute, I'd tell him he's crazy. You can call me Kristen. I may look like an ordinary girl, but I am far away from being normal. Ten years ago, my parents were killed and I was left on the street. I beca...