Glitches (Book 1)
By Strawberry_Cream1928
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WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. SOON TO BE PUBLISHED BY THE POLYETHNIC PUBLISHING. Your parents don't exist. Your friends don't exist. Your school doesn't exist. Your life doesn't exist. They are all just computer codes, and you're the glitch. You're the reason they were all created. But their life span is short, and soon, all the protection they gave you will be gone. Soon, your life will be in danger. ................... In the eyes of everyone around her, Claire Marie King's life is perfect. At age fifteen, she is already a multi-millionaire and is highly acclaimed for her supposed supernatural powers. She has performed impossible feats in shows across the world, brought rain to countries suffering from drought, and cured pathological criminals of their unlawful tendencies. What no one knows is that deep inside, she longs to fit in. When a mysterious letter offers her the tantalizing opportunity to do just that, she is sucked into the murky waters of WGO, an underground organization that claims it is the only place she will ever belong. Claire must enlist the help of her skeptical brother and long lost sister to combat WGO's tyrannical President who, for unknown reasons, is out to get her. Struggling to survive at WGO, Claire soon discovers that the organization's leader is the least of her problems. The dark secrets of her past and the origins of her powers are resurfacing, and her status can no longer keep her safe. After all, Claire was almost killed ten years before, and the people who did it are ready to finish the job. Follow Claire King on her twisted path to survival in Saralee Arystenn's debut novel, GLITCHES. ..................... Highest ranking- #10 in Science Fiction Cover by @elphadora

Author's Note (7/26/17)

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by Strawberry_Cream1928