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  • McLovin' [BoyxBoy] [Completed]
    6.8M 289K 22

    "Your name is Kenneth Kentucky and you work at McDonalds?" I glared at him, "Would you like Fries with that?" He began laughing hysterically and I sighed impatiently, waiting for him to stop. Suddenly, he stopped and then, putting both his hands on the counter, staring right into my eyes, he whispered, "I'd like Frie...

  • That Awkward Moment
    3.5M 301K 91

    Just a book of random Awkward Moments

  • ✮Life Hacks✮
    1.2M 57K 76

    Just some simple tips to make your life that little bit easier

  • The Best Of Comebacks
    48.5M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • School Love (Len x Oliver)
    32.4K 1.6K 30

    When Len goes to London to attend school, he's inmendently favored by the girls and is asked by everyone one if he could date them. When he meets a student, he's suddenly falling for the sickly boy, who is not popular. And as the two get to know each other, their feelings for one another will show and cause many probl...

  • Jason & Mason (boyxboy)
    451 28 8

    Jason is 21 years old, a college student, a part timer and... single. As much as he wants to have a girlfriend, he just doesn't seem to have the appearance girls his age are looking for, such as his gentle body, his small hands, his thick light brown hair, his hairless body and his clumsy, awkward impression. This has...