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  • Secret Affairs! ~Roc Love,Hate Story!~
    248K 5.7K 27

    The First Chapter Is The Intro/ Description!!

    Completed   Mature
    395K 16.6K 54

    Vixen; 1/A beautiful woman that could make any man fall in love 2\[...Totaly gorgeous and amazing human female. With the cutest smile and a sweet ass body. Loves partying and drinks a lot but is still incredibly smart. But be warned, can get extremly horny and may jump on you unexpectedly...] * A man named Lorenz...

    Completed   Mature
  • Numb.
    194K 9K 20

    "Alex Perez, he's pleasured almost every woman in the world. And I'm gonna make sure i'm the last."

  • bad || the housekeeper series. (2)
    2.5M 38.9K 52

    They're back! After confessing their love to each other, Aliyah and Jacob have been almost inseparable! Jacob's determined to make Aliyah his #1 Girl, and he's not letting anything (or should I say, anyONE) get in the way of that. Yasmine's jealousy goes to extreme heights, Kaylan And Roc are on the verge of splittin...

    Completed   Mature
  • the housekeeper || jacob perez. (1) [EDITING]
    2.5M 50.7K 34

    They say love is unexpected. The best kind comes naturally. You'll learn to accept their flaws, as well as their perks. When Jacob Perez meets his new housekeeper, love is the absolute last word he'd use to express his disgust for her. Will that change? Join him and Aliyah Johnson on their story of heartbreaks, joys...

  • adorned flames || the housekeeper series. (3)
    82.5K 3.3K 30

    It's been four years. Four years since Mindless Behavior met fame. Four years since Jayden starting going to rehab. Four years since everybody went off the college. Four years since the infamous split between Aliyah and Jacob. Things have certainly changed, some for the better, and some...not so much. But is it to...

  • + Dying Flame +
    108K 4.3K 8

    Tour was only three months. Three months apart. Three months full of secrets. How long will it take for all the secrets in those three months to unravel ? Maria and August are back, still trying to raise their family of four. Anthony turned four and seems to have the nastiest attitude, while Rhythm is just growing up...

  • + The BabySitter +
    1.4M 52.8K 46

    Completed   Mature