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Love VS Fame (REVISED) by VantaRoses
Love VS Fame (REVISED)by VantaRoses
"Soooooo how am I suppose to choose? It's like a million videos here" "Well watch this one, it might cut down on time" "*starts to watch video*...
Love In High School | Mindless Behavior FanFic by QueenRoyal
Love In High School | Mindless QueenRoyal
What would it be like to have Mindless Behavior attend your school for Senior Year? Created: 2013 Finalized: 2021 ©QueenRoyal
Sex For Salary (Republished) by goldenmisfit
Sex For Salary (Republished)by Jake
Prostitution is her only way out of the hole she's in. When she's been scraped off the streets to work as a prostitute for her new pimp, Chresanto, she'll soon find out...
Amplify: (MB Story) Unedited by iGoMindless
Amplify: (MB Story) Uneditedby stepmother
Katrina Campbell is just starting with the singing business, newly signed with Interscope records Kat finds herself already in some problems Love triangles to be exact...
UNBREAKABLE by Name_of_a_Misfit
UNBREAKABLEby Name_of_a_Misfit
Friendship is a promise made in the heart.Silence.Unwritten.Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time
No Control (Sequel to #AFAR) by Iesha07
No Control (Sequel to #AFAR)by iesha
**BOOK 2 OF ALL FOR A REASON** The celebrity life has finally started to take it's toll. The group has boosted up the charts, and their views on YouTube are more than...
Father's Love by mindlessly_spiffy
Father's Loveby Miracle
I love being Roc Royal's one and only daughter. I live in LA with him and my Mom but they have their ups and downs and I know his life ain't easy. But I know one thing f...
Funny Roc Royal imagines by TheYoungMisfit
Funny Roc Royal imaginesby Πριγκίπισσα Κική.
Don't judge me lol these are a little different than your everyday Imagines
Working 'Highness' by Desthakid
Working 'Highness'by Destinee
Nala finally got what she wanted, a new home, real friends, and of course Chres. But all things seem to change once her college graduation comes up. Including her belo...
The Lights: Sequel to Amplify (MB Story) by iGoMindless
The Lights: Sequel to Amplify ( stepmother
After the 3 months leading up to tour, Kat is back to the stage. She is already faced with the problem she thought she already solved.. Love. Touring with everybody was...
The Broken Heart by mulashawty
The Broken Heartby Kennedy
I am Hazel, 16 and hurt. Born in 1997. I've been through a lot and my mother sells me off for drugs. I have never had anyone because my grandparents never got to see me...
ℓσνє & вєтяαуαℓ by iMissNishi
ℓσνє & вєтяαуαℓby 🗣NISH 💕
My Life Is No Where Near Normal. It Never Was.. This Crazy Thing You All Call Life Is No Joke.. Trust Me.
Twisted Fate by mb_or_diee
Twisted Fateby mb_or_diee
kiana and Jacob have been together for 6 years now. they first met at 14 years and they clicked instantly. Now at age 20, everything is all rose petals and teddy bears...
Anons!! by Mindless--anon
Anons!!by Mindless--anon
Hey!!!! I do anons!! Like on tumblr just ones as stories on her!!! It's fun!! It's like imagination ! Hahaha just message me!
The Magnus Archives Oneshots by GeorgeHazzasEyebrows
The Magnus Archives Oneshotsby Eddie
As the title says, this is short individual stories based off of the podcast 'The Magnus Archives'. All credit for the original characters, themes, storylines, etc etc...
My Vampire Slayer - Part 3 | Princeton/Jacob Perez Fan Fic by QueenRoyal
My Vampire Slayer - Part 3 | QueenRoyal
We have one thing to live off of now...Hope. Is this really the END? ©2017 QueenRoyal