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  • The boy across the street
    64.8K 1.9K 39

    15 year old Delilah has lots of problems in her life. From her parents recent divorce, and her mom re marrying. The only thing in her life that makes her happy is the one and only, Before You Exit. When Delilah moves to Orlando, she doesn't expect to see her favorite band across the street. What happens when she meets...

    9.8M 387K 86

    Published by Wattpad Books & Penguins UK. Read the free chapter here! {completed story} The Fiction Awards 2019 #1 Winner for Best Teen Fiction | The Wattys 2018 LL | Highest rank #1 in Teen Fiction, Wattpad, and Adventure. Wattpad Read for The Week. Featured in June 2018. --------- ❝Truth or dare?" ...

  • Uniquely Ever After - Larry Stylinson AU Kitten!Harry (MPREG) {Book4}
    1.2M 29.4K 36

    Harry, Louis, and their baby Fionna are working on their happily ever after. But no one would expect an unbelivable ending.

    Completed   Mature
  • One of the Boys
    32.1M 529K 60

    Samantha Evans. A 17-year old girl in her Senior Year of High School. Stereotype says that she should be worrying about what outfit she's going to wear and what boy she's going to date, but Samantha has a different plan. For Samantha, her Senior Year is all about proving that she deserves to be the Quarterback for Wes...

  • The Cheerleader And The Cage Fighter.... Are Dance Partners?
    10.3M 141K 47

    Kaydie Smithson is that girl that everybody thinks is perfect, she's the cheerleader captain and comes from a wealthy family. Liam is a cage fighter who is seen as a bad guy at school. What happens when their paths cross and Liam asks Kaydie to ditch her Miss Perfect image and be his dance partner?

  • He Hated Me That Much...It Left A Scar?
    615K 7.2K 26

    Haley was found when she was eight with a huge, unique scar on her arm. Passed out on the side of the high way, a couple found her and took her in. With no answers or clues to her past she wonders how she came to have it. When she moves back to Maine where here parents found her, little does she know she'll meet a bo...

  • Delinquent Camp
    1.6M 42.1K 31

    Tragedies change people. That being said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the accident changed Gemma. Anger problems seem like the only issue to her, but her father and evil step-mother see a lot more than that lying underneath. Unable to help her, they go to their last resort; they send her to Safe Haven, a summ...

  • Love is Silent
    2.3M 48.1K 25

    Dana Websters world comes crashing down around her after a tragic accident. Left with a disability and a feeling of hollowness, she retreats into herself, unable to find happiness in life again. She stops talking unless she absolutely has to, and refuses to go down to see the horses that once brought her such comfort...

  • Blind Blue
    97.4K 3.3K 23

    When seventeen year old Cyan is involved in an accident his whole life changes. Left blind the once artistic, blue haired boy doesn't know what to do with himself. His parents don't seem to care and his friends apparently have their own problems but that's when he meets Scarlet. Left blind after an accident of her own...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Sanity
    8.1K 367 12

    Ever considered suicide? Just leave all the everything in your life behind and end it all? Well, I have, twice. Zeriella Ceylontera is a quiet, mysterious girl, depressed for reasons that she doesn't like talking about. She's been having trouble trusting anyone ever since that wretched night, and the walls she built...

  • We Are The Reasons (boyxboy)
    4.8K 150 3

    Tyler was 15 when his parents kicked him out of their house for being gay. He didn’t have any other family so he had no choice but to live on the streets. He tried getting a job but no one would hire him. With his options running out he went into prostitution. Now 17 he has gotten used to living on the streets. He wa...

  • Flutter. (boyxboy)
    31.5K 687 14

    A brush of wings on a soft palm, a brush of lips on a soft cheek. That was all they ever had to give. Can these two opposite boys get along? *hiatus*