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  • Ash and Dawn: Together
    25.7K 263 17

    Ash and Dawn have always been close friends. but what happens when their new sexual feelings awaken and they see each other in a new light?

  • My Pearlshipping one shots (still on going)
    36.9K 408 20

    (If you're not reading this on Wattpad, you're reading an illegal copyright version of it) Although this is marked as complete I will still post and have plenty of ideas left For those of you looking for the Pearlshipping one shots from the combined book, you had come to the right place. All the old stories as well as...

  • Shattered • Pokemon
    23K 625 22

    ♡˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ COMPLETED In which Dawn has forcefully lived with Paul for a year, but she can't stand it. How much longer can she take it? Standalone Book Pokemon AU Ash x Dawn

    Completed   Mature
  • Pearlshipping-Journey
    2.1K 52 13

    This is a pure fan-made Pokemon shipping story, In case you somehow Ended up here without knowing what pokemon is, yeah this I have nothing to do with the real pokemon franchise, The poster is official but I only own The storyline and dialogue and absolutely nothing else Also for those of your returning readers, this...

  • Two Broken Hearts (Pearlshipping-AshxDawn)
    12.4K 180 27

    This story is actually not mine, I read the story and the author is XashXdawnX so, it's a Pearlshipping story. The credits are for XashXdawnX

  • "Alola To Diamonds & Pearls" - A Pearlshipping Story
    235 8 1

    Months after the conclusion of the Pokémon World Championship Masters Tournament, Alola Champion Ash was in need of a vacation. He didn't want to go alone this time, so he invited Dawn, a very close friend from the Sinnoh region to join him. Much like their past adventures, this vacation is going to be anything but sl...

  • "Diamond Dust Christmas" - A Pearlshipping One-Shot
    141 5 1

    Christmas has come around once again, and just like anything else in the Pokémon world, this was going to be no ordinary holiday.

  • Dawn of a New Journey: A Pearlshipping One-Shot
    179 4 1

    Direct sequel to "Dawn Of A New Reunion." After an unexpected reunion, Ash and Dawn had to part ways once again to continue working toward their own personal respective goals. One was missing the other, which was the key to an all new, exciting adventure for our heroes.

  • A Pokemon Story: The Return of the Masters!
    586 9 7

    Ash and Dawn are headed off to train after a tragic event... will they become the strongest?

  • ᗪ丨ᐯ丨几丨ㄒㄚ
    202 10 1

    A Story of a Great Journey from The Ancient Time of The Sinnoh Region Once Called The Hisui Region.Following a 19 Years old Young man on a Quest To Unravel The Mysteries of The World While He Struggles With His Past and Morals. P.s:This Story will Take Place In The Hisui Region But The Geography will not be The same a...

  • Wave Of Undead
    1.6K 136 18

    Screams...Screams that's all they heard... Blood, and corpses that's all they saw... Being a teenager in such situation...What would you do? Dunno about yours... But the hero and the crew can't seat still...can they? That's why...*grins* Let's join our heroes in this new chaotic journey! ______________________________...

  • A Pokémon Story: The Fiery Feeling
    30.5K 459 36

    Ash and his friends Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena are traveling through the Kalos region, when suddenly...

  • (Pearl Shipping) Lumiose Academy University (LAU)
    9.3K 108 22

    After Ash defeated Leon and became the Monarch. Ash decides to take a break, he is then informed by Gary that there's this school called Lumiose Academy. That's develop and hones trainers skills. Ash becomes interested decides to attend but he encounter a mysterious trainer

  • His Tenderness, Her Remedy
    1K 24 1

    Love can cure anything... That certainly applies to Dawn as a surprise visit from Ash during her lowest point in life will be what she needed. (AshxDawn) (Pearlshipping) (SatoHika) (One-Shot)

  • My Sister, the Princess
    184 4 1

    Ash Ketchum is a normal teenage boy living in quiet Pallet Town with his father, working at their Pokémon Daycare Center and working to be a Pokémon Trainer. Life seemed pretty good, minus his unpopular high school life, former childhood friends constantly harassing him, and the complication of him developing romantic...

  • Pearlshipping Love Story
    1.9K 31 2

    Ash and Dawn are in love but are scared to admit it.But there will be some bumps in the road.Will Ash and Dawn admit there felling towards each other. Read to find out.

  • The Insane Hero Books 1 & 2 (Pearlshipping)(Slow Updates)
    14.3K 204 20

    After Ash loses in the Sinnoh League, he disappears for 5 years. During the 5 years, people assume that Ash has gone to the deep end of his sanity. They are not wrong. Ash has completely gone insane. When Ash returns, he is not the same hero that everyone remembers. When Ash returns, he only want to join alongside his...

  • Pearlshipping-Journeys [Discontinued, Reboot link on last chapter]
    11.8K 224 20

    This is a fictuonal, fan made story based off of the Pokemon franchise. This story isnt accurate to the story of the actual anime. and if you couldnt guess already, the thumbnail isnt mine either, Its part of the official poster for Dawns Return to journeys.

  • A Strange Encounter
    2.9K 37 8

    Ash and Dawn absolutely can not stand each other but over time their relationship changes.

  • Forever Yours!
    338 16 1

    It had been long since Ash and Dawn started dating, now Ash has finally gathered the courage to ask her a certain question. Set in AU, Pokemon don't exist in this story. A New Year gift to my fellow Pearlshippers!

  • Returning To You
    56.1K 932 8

    (PearlShipping) After rethinking her past journey with Ash, Dawn decides she wants to continue her journey. A reunion of old friends and new competition arrives as the journey continues! Find out what happens when Dawn returns to Ash. Will Serena be able to keep her cool?

  • A Heartwarming Christmas
    2.8K 130 13

    Almost two years after the curse was broken, everyone in the royal province in Sinnoh was celebrating Christmas Eve. When all of Ash's friends and family have gathered together for the celebration, Zoey tells them the story of a Christmas that almost never happened two years ago, back when the curse was still in effec...

  • Ash and Dawn
    1.3K 13 3

    Ash and Clemont are going to meet up the next day, but Ash will try to have a date the day before but some tensions get in the way! This "fanfiction" story includes Clemont, Ash, Dawn, and other trainers. This occurs inbetween the XYZ and Sun and Moon series. Hope you enjoy!

  • One thankful call...
    3.8K 100 3

    Dawn gets jealous when she notices a girl showing attraction tword Ash, she must figure out what's happening... One-shot pearlshipping, anti-amourshipping

  • The Most Wanted (Pearlshipping)
    10.8K 195 11

    3 most wanted thieves or you can say cleverest of all :- Ash,Gary and Drew. To stop these 3, 6 expert cops :- Dawn, Paul, Leaf ,Bary, May , Kenny. Now let's see what happens when they come in action..... And they find their love on their adventure.

  • 𝒫𝒶𝓈𝓈𝒾ℴ𝓃𝒶𝓉ℯ
    6K 230 26

    Dawn Berlitz knew she wanted to be a Performer the moment she took a vacation to Kalos and watched a Pokémon Showcase. According to all the people in Twinleaf Town, she's got what it takes to be one. The only problem is that her mother Johanna, the Top Coordinator of Sinnoh, refuses to let her travel to Kalos and purs...

  • Warming Hearts
    20.2K 364 29

    After his journey in Kalos and enjoying a vacation in Sinnoh, Ash's life is turned upside down when he selflessly takes the place of his mother when she gets held prisoner in a dark castle belonging to a cruel and hideous Zoroark-looking beast. Even after meeting the cursed servants, who are much more friendly than th...

  • Dreams and Nightmares (Pearlshipping Oneshot)
    701 23 1

    As Dawn experiences a crushing defeat at one of her contests, she finds herself struggling to forgive herself for failing those around her. What will Ash do to cheer her up?

  • Guess Ash Isn't That Dense/ Guess Dawn is The Dense One (Pearlshipping)
    574 13 2

    It's close to New Year's, and while Brock is out, Ash and Dawn talk about their New Year's Resolution. The title truly says it all. Pearlshipping oneshot + *bonus. And Brock is a terrible person, he just loves ruining things for us shippers. Everything belongs to Pokémon, except for the plot. If it did belong to me...

  • Sinnoh high
    625 13 5

    Ash, a 17 year old senior has just transferred to sinnoh, due to his mother's job. In this school, he meets a lot of people, but one stands out... will he figure out why? Pearlshipping, May have violent language and scenes in the later chapters.

    Completed   Mature