My Sister, the Prin...
By MelodyQuill
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Ash Ketchum is a normal teenage boy living in quiet Pallet Town with his father, working at their Pokémon Daycare Center and working to be a Pokémon Trainer. Life seemed pretty good, minus his unpopular high school life, former childhood friends constantly harassing him, and the complication of him developing romantic feelings for his best friend, Dawn. But soon, everything that he thought he knew will turn upside down. He already knew that his father worked two jobs; as a Daycare Worker, and as a Pokémon Ranger. But his latest assignment leads him to bringing home Princess Evangeline Sophia Gabriella de Novo, a teenage girl that looks eerily so much like Ash, from her small and endangered kingdom of Rota when the villainous criminal organization Team Rocket invaded it, with Evangeline being the only one who escaped. The two of them eventually learned that they are twins, meaning that Ash was really born a prince. In order to protect his newly discovered sister, and to also keep the secret of himself being royalty, Ash has to teach Evangeline how to act like a normal teenage girl under the alias of Evie Parker, and navigating through high school. While their father tries to figure out how to save their mother, the queen, and the kingdom from the clutches of Team Rocket. These little moments, with Ash helping her navigate a normal life while Evangeline teaching him how to truly shine from the inside out like a royal should, start to truly connect them as siblings and they learn just how important family really is. An AU slightly based off "Princess Protection Program" and "The Princess Diaries".

Ash's Normal Life

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My Sister...
by MelodyQuill