Wave Of Undead
By PikaBoy01
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Screams...Screams that's all they heard... Blood, and corpses that's all they saw... Being a teenager in such situation...What would you do? Dunno about yours... But the hero and the crew can't seat still...can they? That's why...*grins* Let's join our heroes in this new chaotic journey! ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Now, For The Story, A Pokemon Fanfic...Without Pokemon. Wait Wait Wait...Lemme Finish First...I Will Add Some...But It's Based On A Regular World. Hmm, And Other Than That...It's Pearl, I Mean It's Quite Obvious As You Might Came Here In Search Of Any Pearl Book...😅😅😅. ________________________________________________________________________ Now, For Special Thanks... Special Thanks To @Maridcfan And @Shadow9469 ________________________________________________________________________ The Idea Of Adding Zombies In PokeWorld Completely Belongs To Mari... So Thanks Again For The Permission Mari! 😃 Oh Yeah! Pls Also Check Out Her Book And Her Profile... https://www.wattpad.com/story/217128327-outbreak ________________________________________________________________________ I Would Like To Thank Shadow, Cuz He Advised Me Very Well Even After Being A Much Better Writer Than Me. So Thanks Again Shadow! 😆 Guys If You Want Super Badass Writing Just Like The Author Of The Kanto's Pride (I Won't Take The Name, May Offend Him) You Should Definitely Check Shadow's Books https://www.wattpad.com/user/Shadow9469 ________________________________________________________________________ Uhh, And Another Thing...Sorry To The Old Readers If I Kept Them Waiting For A Long Time *PikaBow* "Sumimasen Frends" "ごめんăȘさい フレンă‚ș" *PikaBow* That's All, So Let's Get A Move On! 😃😄😆

Lemme Clarify Somethin'

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Wave Of U...
by PikaBoy01