Warming Hearts
By MelodyQuill
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After his journey in Kalos and enjoying a vacation in Sinnoh, Ash's life is turned upside down when he selflessly takes the place of his mother when she gets held prisoner in a dark castle belonging to a cruel and hideous Zoroark-looking beast. Even after meeting the cursed servants, who are much more friendly than their mistress, it doesn't seem like Ash was getting out of this mess anytime soon, much to his dismay. He hates the beast, and even though she forced him to stay, she can't stand him either. But as time went by, Ash begins to see that maybe this beast isn't as beastly as he thought she was. And the beast realized that the charming, free-spirited young man was her only hope. The servants hoped and prayed that he could be the one who will set them and their mistress free as they slowly begin to befriend one another. Pearlshipping story based off Beauty and the Beast. Beast!Dawn. Beauty! Ash.


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Warming H...
by MelodyQuill