I either ramble or don't talk at all so this is going to be fun

Alright so

I am a 15 year old human (probably) teenager obsessed with the idea of living in a different time dimension and exhausted with school

Yes I write, I have 7 drafts in my notes app but boy am I lazy to continue them

My fandoms are: like a lot so I ain't gonna list them but there are some pretty dope ones like SoC and DPS and PJo

Music Taste: Taylor Swift is the music industry and jazz rules and Arctic Monkeys are very fcking underrated also did I mention Alec Benjamin

Motto: Honestly, anything that moves me at the moment
Currently it is "Respect Existence or Expect Resistance" which I think is pretty badass

My Tumblr: @banana-oh-nana

Yeah that's it, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk🌚🖖
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