𝑯𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒐, 𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒇𝒖𝒍.
Welcome to my atelier, where I share my complicated, unconventional, and detailed musings. It lives as an open portfolio for me to come and go as I please. But if you stay, I hope you find something to your liking.

𝑨𝒃𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝑴𝒆 𝑬𝑵𝑻𝑱 | 𝑺𝒂𝒈 | 1998
I'm a 22-year-old lazy day enthusiast that enjoys making others smile, staying cozy when it rains, and being a lot like a female Jin. I began this account years ago to test my love for writing as much as reading, and I haven't looked back. While I may not be the largest Kpop fan anymore, I certainly believe a love for storytelling never dies, and so I stick around creating where I can.

Besides all that, I'll always be a huge fan of Gossip Girl, you and your dreams, and an admirer of all shades of pink. I am also catastrophically in love with writing.

Let's be friends.


My friend Dylan Alvarez and I guessed BTS songs by emojis and I won't spoil who wins. Please consider subscribing to his channel!


𝑴𝒚 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒌𝒔

𝒯𝑒𝒶𝓇 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝓀𝓎 - Complete
𝒜 𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓉 𝑜𝒻 𝐸𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓈 - Complete
𝒜 𝒮𝓌𝑜𝓇𝒹 𝑜𝒻 𝒢𝓁𝒶𝓈𝓈 - Preview Complete
𝐵𝓁𝑜𝑜𝒹 𝒟𝒾𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓃𝒹 - Leisurely Drafting
𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝑒𝒶 𝒶𝓃𝒹 ℋ𝑒𝓇 𝒮𝑒𝓇𝓅𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓈 - Leisurely Drafting

𝑴𝒚 𝑰𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒔

𝐿𝑜𝓈𝓉 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓈 | 𝒥𝒥𝒦
𝒜𝓇𝑒𝓈 𝑅𝒾𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑔 - Paused
𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒰𝓃𝓇𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒟𝒶𝒾𝓈𝓎 𝑀𝑜𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓊 | 𝐵𝒯𝒮
𝒮𝓁𝑜𝓌 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝑅𝑜𝓁𝓁 | 𝐵𝒯𝒮
𝒜𝒸𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 | 𝐵𝒯𝒮

1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV
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I want to write... I just don't know what. Happy Holidays all of you!
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