BTS: Blood Diamond
By sparklingjin
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At the age of 18, every dhampir can decide when their heart stops, but not all of them can choose their allegiance. Melissa Sault is one of these dhampir, a half-blooded immortal whom attends a secondary school built for students just like her--students that debate staying on the vampire path or trading in their fangs for a vorvian, or vampire hunting lifestyle. But her alignment is the least of her concern after a tragic incident leaves her breathless three weeks before her return to Renault's halls. And when she joins her class again, she fears she might die for other reasons: the haunted secret of her academy, the halfblood students that go missing in the night, or the centuries old feud between the vampire she's terrified to love and the vorvian she's always needed. A question of survival. A selfish hope. A love that kills mercilessly, and a fight like Hell to hold her ground. ✥ • • • • • ✥ ✥ a BTS Vampire AU w/ a school twist ✥ whole BTS ✥ cover by @feggienan

The Night Bleeds - A GUIDE

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BTS: Bloo...
by sparklingjin