Jess | 23 | he/him | agender | bisexual | American | autistic

lover of Undertale, Minecraft, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, cats, Gatorade, and pretending I'm knowing what I'm doing

I am a Papyrus stan first and a human second

I also stan Mettaton, Chara, Flowey, Undyne, and Napstablook

I ship Papyton, Alphyne, Sansby, Goatbun, Nicepants, and the Royal Guards

Sometimes I take fanfic requests

discord: papyruswiki#0565
twitter: @papydarlin
tumblrs: skelesona / papyruswiki / ask-walls
instagram: @papyruswiki
ao3: papyruswiki

I also have a tumblr blog and an ao3 specifically for nsfw fic, just message me privately for them if you are an adult and interested
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skelesona skelesona Sep 14, 2021 03:30PM
Hey y’all, sorry for the radio silence again. Been working on some small things that I posted to my ao3 account. Right now I am working on a Mettaton smut fic based in the Walls universe that I will...
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The Walls Around Our Hearts by skelesona
The Walls Around Our Hearts
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Papyrus vs the Forces of LOVE by skelesona
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