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First off, I don't take any more reading request cause I've got like 400 books in my library that I wanna read, so yeah. And school is a bitch.

Do I really need a description? So....let's talk 'bout rubbish? I'm forced to study; cruel society and all that junk....Reading's real fun and uhh negative comments mean jack...no one cares what you think about and um they never will. Quit whinnin 'bout something you don't have and...how do I put this?...just wing it and be yourself? Self-love my fella readers, self-love!

I was born at a very young age. I suck at lyrics but that doesn't stop me from singing out loud. I'm a JoeSophieNa. And yes that is original. I talk too much. That's what she said.

I hold grudges against Disney for discriminating against Pluto and Goofy. Hello, they're both dogs. Don't put shit in those young brains.

I'm hella dramatic and also, I'm a decade and half years old. The number is too big and old age is setting in. I don't really remember what I wore yesterday.

The 1D fandom was blessed with me on the 24th of September 2020. And Larry is real, ZiAm is very cute too. And the ZiGi baby-

Onions and Spinach are inedible.

That basically sums me up ig. Idk?

Oh and also I like unicorns, glitter and the color pink, and yes I'm a decade and half years old and also I'm a firm believer of BeYouTiful and BeYouNique

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I wanna light my school in fire smh
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