oh don't mind me just dreaming about hogwarts✨🪄
-this is a safe place. you are safe here. non-judgment zone :) you are all my bebs <3 ily all <3


-what's a 17 year old girl doing on wattpad? i ask myself that everyday

-live in ameriguhhhh


-i wish i were taller :((
-my pfp is self explanatory of what my personality is like LMAOSHDU🌚

-i always comment so if u followed me heyy 🙈
-hardcore feminist🌺 women don't owe you shit!!
-im too nice. like way too nice.

-proud taurus :))
-(we are so underrated and not represented enough that whenever i see that we were even included im just appreciative that they didn't forget us 😔✋).
-i got this app at a much younger age then i should have and here we are LMAO.
-i literally have no friends like all of you bebes are my friends 🥺 period.
-proud ravenclaw!!
(with a mix of hufflepuff as well but a little bit more ravenclaw :).
-there is only one you, so be your unique and most authentic self.
-never be afraid to express yourself and your passion, be passionate!!
-treat others the way you wish to be treated.
-be kind. always.
-we only live once so f*$¥{% it!!!
-creativity, individuality, and uniqueness is the greatest thing anyone can offer.
-don't judge others, why care when it has nothing to do with you, let them be themselves :).
-be undoubtedly kind and compassionate always, you never know what someone is going through.
-by spreading our wisdom and knowledge we can change and expand someone's perspective and way of thinking.
-in a world where you can be anything, be yourself.
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you ever feel like u need to scream into a pillow or throw all the dishes on the floor and stomp on them and scream and cry and let it all out but u cant bc no matter what u do u cant cry- yup that’s...
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