INFJ. Artist. Video editor. Environmental Scientist. And aspiring author with a lot of ideas and no time on her hands. 

My favorite stories to consume are the ones that launch me into a fantastical world of adventure. I want to feel the pride of watching a character I loathe change and evolve into the best version of themselves. I want to cry and rage when my beloved characters are killed in battle or thrust into despair. I want to marvel at the worldbuilding, the storytelling, the romance. And most of all, I want the book to leave a mark - to send a message that needs sending.

Current projects:

1. THE EPHEMERAL series, a dystopian, low fantasy trilogy with an obligatory stubborn female protagonist. (First book complete, second ongoing).

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Ace Awards, First Place Paranormal Category 2020
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Elite Awards, Runner Up Sci-Fi / Fantasy Category 2019
Tiny Awards, Second Place, Paranormal Category 2019

2. ONC 2020 Contest - OBELUS, a creepy science-fiction entry, bxb romantic subplot.

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