please share tips on how to regain sanity 


@galaxyst- im like 2 years late but bake/cook or build something w legos, hope ur better<3


@galaxyst- read a book while listening to your favourite music


@galaxyst- | For everyone it's a different process but I think that what helped overcome so much pain and trauma was the fact that I slowly let go of everything that was tormenting me whether I knew it or not. I thought I lost people when really them leaving me did me a huge favor. Because of my isolation when they left me, I changed my perspective on things, I learned to back off from everything and everyone that isn't beneficial to me. For example, I had this friend that I knew her since childhood but because we were in different classes we fell off then when I saw her again in high school, I immediately became attached because I failed to notice that she grew throughout the years and inevitably changed as a person as we all do. I did so much for this girl without her asking me to, that was just me, giving my all to people and for what? In the end who got hurt? Me, while she kept doing what she always did, move on like nothing. I was abused multiple times by loved ones, by people I genuinely trusted, and thought they would never put me in harms way and what did I learn? You can never be too sure, too trusting, think things too much, and you can't afford to take everything personally because nothing is that serious. When things happen especially hard things that hit you in such a way that makes you question your surroundings and yourself in general, you have to stop. Just stop and think about how you got there, why you are there, and how do you move on from that. I think one of the biggest keys to preserving our sanity is observation of not only ourselves but those around us. You'd be surprised all the knowledge you can obtain by staying quiet and just listening. As humans it's in us to have expectations, to make mistakes, to doubt ourselves, and more but when you let your feelings dictate your emotions you are putting yourself and those around in danger. Every action has a consequence whether it be positive or negative which is why it's important to learn wisdom.


Hi tori! Keziah here (: I hope you're doing great <3 I know I haven't been active on here, and I probably won't come back on here they way I used to earlier, but you still mean loads to me and I just wanted to take out some time to check up on you <33 hope life's treating you wonderfully, love youuu xxx


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Hi! I just wanted to let ya know that your book has helped me on what to do! It's really awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing the tips and tricks! When I'm on my free time, I'll do what I can do with what you gave from the book. Thanks a lot! :)