Hoi ..... well i am done saying that on social media hi i am erh801 and i am a writer/roleplayer so just ask for a roleplay book thing if you want to roleplay.  :3

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Ok so there is this challenge called the Blue whale challenge that has been getting people to kill them selfs and 170-ish people already died from this in Russia. Never download the app for this challenge and if you do they will 1. get your private information and 2. you will never be able to delete the app. I have been told that they tell you to do things like wake up at wired times and self-harm. On the last day they tell you too kill your self and if you don't they will threaten to kill your family. People who died because of this challenge have been found with a blue whale carved into there skin. So please do not do this challenge and if you know someone who is doing is STOP THEM BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!!!!! spread the word do whatever you can to stop this plague! write this on your page and save lives.

Dear bullies,
That 'gay boy' you punched in the hall. he committed suicide a few moments ago
The girl you called 'slut' today. She is a virgin
That boy you called 'lame' today. He has to work every night to support his family
That girl you pushed down today. She's already abused at home
That old man you made fun of because of his scars. He fought for or country
That girl you called 'fat' today. She is starving herself
That boy you made fun of because he was crying. His mom is dying
You think you know them? Well, you don't
Repost this if you are against bullying
99% of you won't. Let's see the 1% with the heart to do it.

97% of people would scream if Justin Bieber was about to jump off a building, the other 3% would bring popcorn and a chair, and yell, DO A BACK FLIP!!! I at that 3%
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Hey everyone. I just wanted to say now for all the new people with forms that I am now doing I am really sorry I had to take a break from wattpad. I am super sorry that is am not replying I hope you...
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