Hey yo! Welcome to my page!

Some facts about me!
1. I was born on July 4th (cancer)
2. I have 2 bearded dragons and 5 in total. (3 has died sadly)
3. I feel like a good writer but I'm taking classes about it
4. I'm open to new ideas and love to change parts of fandoms we do!

Fandoms I am Into and characters I make my oc have crushes on.
Marvel~ Bruce Banner or Tony Stark
Fairy tail~ Gajeel or Laxus
Fulmetal alchemist~ Edward, Mustang or Envy
DC- Suicide Squad~ Joker or Killer Croc
Stephen king It- both versions~ Pennywise or Bill
Cuphead~ King Dice or Devil
Creepypasta~ Slenderman, Sexual Offenderman, Laughing Jack, Or Zalgo
Undertale~ Papyrus(depending on Au), sans or mettaton
Detroit become human~ Markus
Inuyasha~ Sesshomaru
Ninjago~ Lloyd Garmadon, Kai Smith, or Zane Julian
Walking dead~ Daryl Dixion, Merle Dixion or Negan
Gravity falls~ Older gideon or Older Dipper
Telltale walking dead game~ Clementine or Louis
Death Note~ L or Ryuk
How to train your dragon~ Tuffnut or Hiccup
Venom~ Carlton or Eddie
Celebrities~ Tom Hiddleston, Jared Leto, Adam Rider, Mark Ruffalo, or even Robert Downy Jr
Youtuber~ Mostly use or know Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier
7 deadly sins- meliodas or Ban

Feel free to ask for rp,

Good friends of mine

Things I don't very much like-
Group Role plays
People who tag me within 4 minutes if I don't reply
People who make their oc overly depressed to the point they consider making their oc commit suicide
People who tagg me for things besides rps!
People who don't play my crush and make everything about them
People who follow me then tag me in something where they make it seem like their super depressed and going to kill themselves ((don't hate, you have no idea how much I deal with that))
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So if my account is randomly gone then everyone will know why. Being falsely accused of images being taken down. Might have messaged the wrong person because when I click on story part nothing appear...
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